Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Fresh food Receipt For The Dogs

Chicken, Turkey and Bean Delight!

Picture created By Bully Love & Devotion 
The dogs food is chicken, turkey and bean delight
Chicken, Turkey and Bean Delight!

Yes, My dogs eat meat and I do not. Each time I make them food I slowly add more beans and vegetables and less meat. I am not sure if I am going to make my dogs go Vegan. I do know they will get lots of fruits and veggies with all their fresh prepared foods.

These days when we make the dogs' food, the items are not always perfectly measured. We more eye what we think we would be a good amount to add to the basic meat of the dog food.

We first start with:
  1. five or six pounds of fresh farmed raised chickens with bone
  2. four to five pounds of fresh farmed raised turkey with bone
  3. 1-2 lbs chicken livers
Add water to fill the cooker to the top of the meat. Water may need to be added throughout the 24 hour cooking period. Cook the meat for 24 hours to insure the bone is soft. We break the meat off the bones after the first 12 hours. The bones should be soft to mush between to fingers.  

We soak overnight and cook the pinto bean separate. Also, this time I cooked the four large sweet potatoes in another pot. There was not enough room in the slow cooker. I mixed the beans and sweet potatoes in after the meat mixture was cool.

In the last few hours of cooking we added the following:
  1. 1 lbs raw baby carrot
  2. 1 lbs sweet peas
  3. 1 lbs brown rice
  4. 1.5 lbs blueberries
I turn off the slow cooker allow the mix to cool, mix in the remaining ingredients.

This morning I did feed the dogs breakfast before the mixture was completely cool. The dogs do enjoy a hot fresh meal.

Funny, when I put the food away later when the food was cool, the dogs expected a snack. They love fresh food. They get excited when the food is cooking. I bet the dogs are teased by the smell all night. I wish I could cooked the food outside the house. The smell to me is not all that great. I bet the dogs know when fresh food is being made for them.

I still add fresh garlic to every meal. Everyone is getting better from not eating the dry dog food. Angel my oldest is the only one that is still eating at himself. Time will tell. He has reached the age we had expected him to live, so I do not expect too much change from Angle.

Summary of Chicken, Turkey and Bean Delight:
  1. five or six pounds of fresh farmed raised chickens
  2. four to five pounds of fresh farmed raised turkey
  3. 1-2 lbs chicken livers
  4. 1 lbs raw baby carrot
  5. 1 lbs sweet peas
  6. 1 lbs brown rice
  7. 1.5 lbs blueberries
  8. 1-2 lbs dry pinto beans
  9. 4-6 large sweet potatoes

So far so good, no extra farting with the dogs. Of course, the dogs eat beans with me, their digestion is accustom to beans. I love to share with  the dogs. I am grateful the dogs love beans, fruits and veggies.

Picture created by Bully Love & Devotion 
Is it dinner time? Oh yeah, Fruits and veggies are great for building big strong bones and muscles and a shinny coat!
"Is it dinner time?", Sir. Duke.
Oh yeah, fruits and veggies are great for building big strong bones, muscles and a shinny coat!

Leave a comment. Let us know what do you feed your dog. Do you think a dog can or should go Vegan?

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