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Official "Glass Walls" Video by Paul McCartney

I finally see the connect of all the life's!
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Vegan is sexy, animals suffering is not!
Vegan is sexy, animals suffering is not!
The more I learn about animals suffering the more I am firm in being a vegan. There is enough choices of food to allow or permit senseless pain, torture and sorrow. The secrets is getting people to understand the importance and power of choices. Money speaks louder than any other aspect of life. 

As I learn  how animals suffer at the hands of humanities greed, I become aware giving-up animal products  is a healthy choice that has endless benefits. Now I understand why a percentage can look the other way when a Bully Breed is discriminated against, abused, neglected, and eaten. 

Take a minute before you decide to purchase that next piece of meat to consider the life that was abused, tormented and died.  Name what you are eating, such as cow, chicken, or pork, not some fancy name. Watch this Video. For the first time, I final understand there is no difference from Sir. Dukes life to those poor souls that are born into misery and torment. 

Watch the eyes of each species of animals to see the hurt  and sadden soul. The pain and sorrow screams out from the eyes. Depending on the species, you can see the horror and disgust through the expressions from face and body movements. Also, the cries through all the species tell the same story. There is a universal tone of understanding the miserable condition the poor animals are in if you take the time to observe these poor souls in torment.

This week, Peta is calling for mankind to evolve and do not buy meat.  Leave the meat off the plate.

Becoming a vegan has endless benefits. A person that is a vegan has better health, energy, and stamina. 

Karma is another point that a person must consider. Do you want to be treated in the same method as the poor animals that are sacrificing life for you to eat. Treating life in this cruel manner to feed the masses is immoral, specially cause there are better and cheaper choices that are healthier for everyone involved including the earth. 

Take a leap of faith. Learn about yourself and your family and friends by becoming a Vegan. I take one moment at a time. As I learn about the meat industry and the cruelty, I become stronger in my decision to become a vegan. 

Cheese and dairy was my hardest addiction to give up, until I watched this video by Paul McCartney. Take a look and see what you are eating on a daily basis to three times a day. At lease be respectful and think about what soul you are digesting to maintain a idea that is no longer healthy for mankind. 

Join Peta and become a vegan, pledge the meat off your plate to stop suffering one soul at a time. Welcome to the 21st century, where eating animals is not needed. 

The hardest part I have notice is planning a meal. Takes lots creativity to please the meat eater if you have one. My meat eater is my husband. My husband is coming around slowly. Yet, I see the typical ignorance and stubbornness in him that exist in the world. He even said he was not the one that torture the poor cows for the milk. I hate to be the one to bust you happy ignorance cloud, when ever you buy the animals products you are supporting and encouraging suffering and torment to animals unnecessary. 

I read a cow farmer gave up meat, dairy, and the farm became a safe place for cows for his wife when she became vegan. So, I have hope too. I got him off all the meat at home and most of the dairy. One day and one step at a time. 

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Sharing is caring. Share Bully Devotion to help find homes for dogs in need and to stop senseless suffering. 

Video created by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

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