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Shocking Animal Cruelty In The USA At Tyson Foods Supplier

"Shocking Animal Cruelty at Tyson Foods Supplier (2013 Webby Award Winner)"

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No Baby should ever start and end life in such a painful and inhumane manner!!
No Baby should ever start and end life in such a painful and inhumane manner!!

The more I see animals abuse from a fellow American, the more I become angry. America is supposed to be above the rest. I come from generations of family that were here when France owned most of America before England. I can even go back and trace family members that had to walk the trail of tears. So, I know Americans can be cruel and ruthless when it come to money and land.

What angers me is to watch this old man in the video beat the pig because the man is not in the mood. Well, I hate to break the news, yet that pig is close to having human intelligence and that pig is in no mood to be pushed, abused, and killed.

Everyone learns and becomes better pet owners. The day I realized I needed to respect my dogs when I asks something of them is the day training became easy. My dogs no matter what are eager to listen to me. They even punish themselves when they think they have displeased me. I do not punish my dogs for a accident or something they did. Because most of the time, the dogs did something out of not knowing better or have not been taught do something else.

So, even in the land of suffering, if one person showed kindness, the animals would respond more positively to the condition they are trapped within. When a

Please remember this video is a norm not the exception. When a person buys meat at the store he or she is also supporting and encouraging the abuse of a animal that has eyes, a heart and a soul. Listen to the cries and pleads to the people that are abusing the pigs. You can hear and see the pain that the pigs are enduring. Why do you think the Pigs are being stubborn?

Listen to how the Pig screams when forced on a broken leg. The pig would not scream if the pig had no feelings.

I am at a lost of words when the men are flinging the baby pigs and throwing them into a bin to die. No animal should ever be treated this way. I now understand why the Buddha says to be careful how you treat life. I hope these people that make a living torturing and disrespecting life has a moment in this life to feel and understand what cruel acts they are doing on the animals.

Mankind has become arrogant. People have forgotten we are a animals. We, humans are part of the animals. There are only a few things set us apart from the rest of the world. The sad thing is when we have people acting worse than our fellow animals, the one thing that made us different is tainted. I am so angry at the moment, I have nothing nice to say about humanity. Perhaps, I should say there is hope, everyday people are educated and make a clear choice to become a vegan is a win for the animals and humanity.  

I met a lady today while I shopped for food. She did not eat meat because how animals suffer. Yet, once I explained the dairy and fish process was no different, she was convinced to make a change for her health and for the suffering of animals. She will be able to become a vegan since her reasons are sound and logical, not emotional.

Animals in factory farms and farms in general need us to be their voice, since their cries go unnoticed.

Please join me and stop eating pig. One person makes a difference to several pigs. Challenge yourself, go 30 days without eating a pig. Lots of pigs will be saved and you will be surprised how much better you feel.

This abuse affects all of us, including the Bully breed. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while finding homes for dogs in need.

Picture found at Pinterest 
I am so in love with the pig these days, I see why people like them as pets, they are as smart if not smarter then the average human!!
I am so in love with the pig these days, I see why people like them as pets, they are as smart if not smarter then the average human!!

Video credited to The Humane Society of the United States 

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