Friday, May 13, 2016

Animals Serve a higher Purpose

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All  animals have a place that goes beyond the plate!
All  animals have a place that goes beyond the plate!

Animals are amazing. You will see shocking rescues from lives you would had least suspected. When we stop for a moment and take the time to observe nature and animals we see that life serves a higher purpose. Angles come in all forms.

I knew pigs were smart and deserve better treatment than being put in an overcrowded slaughter houses. Yet, I did not know they could save a person's life. I am not a fan of a pot belly pigs, yet this one wins my heart.

Wow, farm animals are amazing. They can offer lots of help in time of need.

The only part I would agree about the video from the land is the Sea creatures. I will take their word the sea monsters have kind hearts. I am afraid of the ocean. I would had never thought of one the ocean beast would come to someone's rescue. Scary and shocking. I still enjoy and prefer walking along the beach.

The most shocking rescue in the video and  the animal that show us animals do have thinking skills is the Bird saving the baby from choking. Wow, maybe everyone should have a bird that has kids. This bird is better than the babysitter.

There appears to be an universal love that brings all of life together in the time of need. Nature and Animals offer great things to us everyday. The secrets is slowing down to witness the moments and apperciate the gifts.

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