Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ten Most Shocking Pets People Desire

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What is going on with our environment? why are we seeing more two headed reptiles and animals?
What is going on with our environment? Why are we seeing more two headed reptiles and animals? 

I am not surprised people desire the unusual when it comes to animals. What surprises me people love these birth defects in animals but not humans. People would call someone a freak not cute as they have said about these ten shocking pets people desire. 

Wow, the first dog is a good lesson to not over love our pets. I am shocked. I never thought a wiener dog can get so big.

The wiener dog lost 50 lbs, yes, about four to five little normal size wieners this dog lost. When you see him, you will be amazed. At least the new family has brought her back to health with the right kind of love and exercise. 

Also, TheRiches reports a two headed snake that has two different minds. Wow, that is got to be rough if they wants to go in two different directions. I imagine they work things out to both their favor.

My favorites unusual pets are, Wendy the Whippet, Zeus, and Duncan the two-leg Boxer reported by TheRiches. 

Wendy reminds me of the bully breed just pump up more with bigger muscle. 

I have always love Great Danes and Zeus is gorgeous. To bad he only lived for 5 years. The sad part is Danes do not live a long life like a Bully because of the Great Dane size, they typically only live for about 7-9 years, depending on the size and care of the Dane. 

The boxer, Duncan is amazing, and lives a full life. Duncan  is still a very good looking dog. I can see why he capture every ones attention wherever he goes. Despite his lot in life, he is a sweet, playful, and loving dog.  

I am sad over the turtles. TheRiches report a two headed turtle. I do not care for this pet. TheRiches report to be careful cause some people will try to stuff two turtles in one shell to look like a two headed turtle. The best method to prevent the suffering of the turtles is not to buy them, even if you so wish to have one. Trust me, I know, I do not spend my money on things I want cause I love the animals over my selfish desires. The person selling you the two headed turtle does not care what happens to the turtles, they simply want you money.

Be sure to check out the Alien cat TheRiches reported. I am not a cat lover, so I do not understand how people want cats such as TheRiches reported in the video. Perhaps, the cat lovers can leave a comment so we can understand a little more about Cat people and their love for cats, even the bizarre of cats. 

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Video credited to TheRichest Found on YouTube 


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  2. Awesome. Thanks. I love to read and learn as well. I am working on expanding my articles to other animals that are interesting as well.


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