Monday, May 9, 2016

My Birthday

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Happy Birthday Moma!
Happy Birthday Moma!

Today's update and stories are going to be delayed for a few short hours. I get to go to the store for food and Bully supplies. Of course, I get to make my own birthday meal and goodies. 

This morning Sir. Duke and Bojangles celebrated my birthday with a fresh bowl of chicken and sweet potatoes. Tonight I will make them chicken delight (chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots, oatmeal). Perhaps, I will get them Frosty Paws to celebrate my birthday. 

Well, I am off to get my birthday chores done. Stay tune for today's updates, stories, what is trending and what research will reveal today. 

Have a great Monday. Happy Delayed Mother's day. I hope everyone's Mother's day was nice. 

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Picture created by Bully Love & Devotion
Bojangles and I waking up Birthday style, wanting to sleep in!
Bojangles and I waking up Birthday style, wanting to sleep in!

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