Sunday, May 1, 2016

Training Sir. Duke with a Clicker

Sir. Duke Learning what I want through Nonverbal means!

Video created by Bully Devotion

I enjoy training the Bullies, Sir. Duke and Bojangles. They are very attentive. Both Sir. Duke and Bojangles are always willing to learn and practice, special when treats are evolved. I have discovered having the clicker to say good boy or girl is best.

Utilizing the clicker to train Sir. Duke and Bojangles is the best and  fastest method to let them understand they are doing what I ask of them. At the moment we are still in the small stages of understanding the clicker. I am still mainly clicking and treating. I will click and treat if the boys do something cute, look a certain way, or talk in a particular tone.

In the video, I am training Sir. Duke on a few ideas. First reason for the clicker in this session is to have Sir.Duke's attention. The second is to help Sir. Duke understand a click means a rewards is coming. Also, I am teaching Sr. Duke in baby step, I want his head laying on my lap.

At first when I started the clicks, Sir. Duke would talk to see if I would click. Also, he gave me his paw a few times. When he laid his head down I would click and treat. Less then a minute, Sir. Duke was placing his head back on my lap after each reward. Sir. Duke is a fast learner. I am excited to see what Sir. Duke can learn with the clicker. Bojangles is a little stubborn and does little for treats. Sir. Duke is always willing to please when food is a factor.

This is one of our first videos. I am hoping in time to improve the videos. Let us know did you like this video. Did we explain the clicker better or is another video needed? If you have a special lesson you would like to see Bojangles or Sir. Duke learn, let us know.

 Picture created Bully Devotion
Sir. Duke has grown so much! He was touching the other side while we trained on the video
Sir. Duke has grown so much! He was touching the other side while we trained on the video.

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