Monday, June 13, 2016

Heroes are created in the moment "Animal Cops Detroit Rescue Dogs From Neglect - This Is The Dirty Side of..." (World Animal Awareness Society)....

  Neglect and Abuse Can Be Avoided

Picture found on YouTube Credited to World Animal Awareness Society
Heroes are created in the moment, taken action is the secret.
Heroes are created in the moment, taken action is the secret. 

The video from World Animal Awareness Society does have some graphic and sad moments. The video reminds me there is no excuses for tethering up a dog. 

The fist case is sad. I love how the lady that is coming to the dogs rescue handles the situation with love and kindness. The sad part is when the lady comes out of her house yelling at the rescue service about how the dead dog is not her fault. Far as my concerns, the death of the dog is her responsibility, because she lives in the same house with the dogs that are being abused and neglected. 

We are just as guilty if we witness a animal suffering and do nothing.

I have lived in small places, even in a travel trailer and have never tied my dogs up. I keep them with me, always walking them several times a day and night. A true pet parent will work around any situation to love and care for there animals. 

You can see the dogs have been starving and have lack of water for some time. 

The man in the video made a good comment how Bullies need a special diet with high in fat and protein. Commercial dry and wet food does not provide the right nutrition. I am constantly monitoring my dogs fresh food to insure I do not overfeed or underfeed them. 

I am heart broken how people will abandon their dogs. I am grateful for World Animal Awareness Society. World Animal Awareness Society faces these tragic moments with class and style while helping animals in need. 

I am very impress how the women in the video still speak to the people with kindness and respect, even when she realizes the unjust action they have cause upon the animals. Her focus is on saving the animals and bringing education and awareness while helping the dogs in need.

I love how she gives the second case an opportunity do the right thing for the dog. Breaks my heart seeing the dog not wanting to leave her current pet parent, I hope this dogs get a better home and overcomes the heartbreak. 

Love and kindness only takes a moment. When we take action to help, we find our way to assist. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animals awareness while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Video Credited to World Animal Awareness Society

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