Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bait dogs stay with each other despite injuries

Two Battered, Broken, & Abandoned Bait Dogs Saved from a Life of Hell by Life With Dogs The world Leader in dog news and entertainment .

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Life is not black or white, every life deserves a chance, even the life that was forced to fight!
Life is not black or white, every life deserves a chance, even the life that was forced to fight! 

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover, You never know what life you may save! Two bait dogs stay with each other and waited for help A women was shocked when she look at her window one morning and saw these two bait dogs on her patio broken and bloody. These two hurt soles landed at the right place. 

I am heart broken and sicken that our society still has animals that are forced to fight as entertainment. The sad part is the dogs have to be dragged and pushed to fight. They are abused, starved and beaten until they respond in aggressive manners. They are fed dangerous things in hopes their painful stomach causes them to attack. 

Dizzy  and Sweet pea are great examples that abuse does not make a mean dog. Life with dogs reports Dizzy cowards when any one attempts to pet him out of fear of what happen could happen once again. Plus, appears Dizzy was treated the worse, the lady that rescued him said Dizzy peed all over when they put a leash on him to get him help. She says he was most likely drag into the fight by a leash. I can see that. Dizzy's back legs are clearly are not normal, this is a sign of his abuse and confinement. I am not sure if I am angry or heartbroken, I have no words that describe how I feel about such a horror. I do wish the people that fought the dogs and the ones that watch could experiences the same treatment that the dogs endure. 

The lady that help rescue Sweet Pea and Dizzy  is right, we can only do what we can. She said her heart broke when Dizzy clearly showed he wanted to stay with her. This brave women did what was best for Dizzy and Sweat Pea. She gave us a great example how we all can help. 

The women first attempted to find a privet person to help, when she felt there was no hope she called a animal rescue service. The women also became Dizzy's and Sweet Peas's voice and reported the story to the news to insure these dogs safety and recovery. She also constantly  called the rescue center to insure they were giving time along with care. 

Every day I feel I could do more. I become frustrated  in the fact I cannot take all the Bullies home to care and love. I remind myself we all have a part in helping the Bully Breed. At the moment my part is to spread the word and education of the Bully breed, announce the Bullies that need homes, and to love my bullies.

My dream is to open a Bully Sanctuary to help them while we search for loving caring homes. I am a firm believer life will open the doors so I may help the Bully breed. 

So, the same as me, the best way to help is spread the word, sponsor a bully in need by calling the news and asking them to support the dogs. Also, you could contact the shelters to insure the dogs that is rescued is being cared for and kept safe while a home is located. Shelters will protect a dog if they believe the public is watching. 

The secret in helping a life in need is being open and in the present, while being aware how we can help. Help comes in endless forms. 

Please observe life to see viscous acts are the nature of mankind, not animals.

Sharing is caring. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread education and animals awareness while helping a dogs in need. 

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