Thursday, June 23, 2016

Big Foot Ball Player Caught Abusing Over 50 Bullies

Monster Come Even in Celebrities.

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Micheal Vick does not care for life, he only cloves money!!
Micheal Vick does not care for life, he only cloves money!!

I recently watch the movie "The Champion" on Netflix. I would highly recommend the movie, even if you need to purchase the movie. The movie is very enlightening about fighting dogs. "The champion exposes PETA's lies and the truth that most fighting dogs can recover and live a peaceful life, while some need extra care do to the trauma.  

The champion exposes more about Micheal Vick and how he really feels about what he did. When you see the movie, you will see that Micheal Vick was only sorry that he was caught. In fact, he clearly states a few times, he does not care about the dogs. 

So, I learned that after Micheal Vick was released from prison, Nike hired him back with a big fat check to become Nike's sponsor. I am not a brand name person. So, from this day forward I will not buy Nike products. 

I encourages everyone also not to buy from Nike. Let's send Nike a message, their past bad behavior, including the people that endorse their products do have consequences. 

Countless dogs lost their lives because of Micheal Vick. Also, there is still dogs that are trying to overcome the abuse, and torture he placed on them. So, no, we should not allow any company or Vick to rise above what viscous acts he did to so many animals. 

Do not be fooled, Micheal Vick is heartless. There are reports Vick abused and killed his children's dogs that were non-Bullies for pure pleasure. Any person willing to harm that many animals and including there children's dogs do not deserve the success of fame. We must stand up and let the world know Micheal Vick has no place in the sport world or society.

When you look up who is endorsing Nike in 2016, you will see there latest sponsor, Maria Chearapova failed a drug test (CNN). Perhaps, if Nike stop endorsing criminals, they would find drug free sponsors. Do you really want your kids growing up thinking torturing, killing life, and doing drugs is OK? Well , if we buy Nike that is the message we send. 

Join me and band Nike. There are better brands then Nike that have family values and will honor all the sports. 

According to CNN Sports News Micheal Vick is free lancing now and thinking about retirement. I encourages all sport fans to not attend any sports that has Michael Vick in play. We need to send a message to the sports that all the bad behavior on or off the field is not tolerated. I read Michael Vick hopes to play in 2016. If he does, I hope the sports looses fans and money for years to come. 

Just as those dogs have suffered, now for years, and currently suffering, so should Micheal Vick. Specially, cause he is not sorry for what he did, he is only sorry for being caught. 

Sign this Petition to ban Michael Vicks from the Steelers Lets send a message to the Steelers. I would hope they are better then hiring Michael Vick. If not, I suggest we ban the season of the Steelers if they do decide to add Vick to their team. 

Let's not let Vick forget, his payment is going to take more then money to pay for his crimes that he has committed against life. Let's help him be sorry for the killing and inhumane suffering of life. He hung some of the loosing dogs to kill them. I can see him hanging a person that crosses him the wrong way. 

Sharing is caring. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to Spread education and animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Picture found at Pinterest 
Vick did this, stop worshiping him, and realize he would do the same to you if you got in his way of money!!

Be sure to sign the Petition to keep Vick from  playing with the Steelers.

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