Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Celebrities are Rejecting PETA

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Say No to PETA, support real animals activist.
Say No to PETA, support real animals activist. 

I am happy to see that money is not the only motivation for celebrities. Also, I am glad to know some of the celebrities do have  morals, ethics, and the sternness to say No to PETA. 

The sad part is PETA could have helped all the animals over the past four decades. Yet, the more I learn about PETA, the more I realize, PETA is about helping themselves, and not the animals. PETA's financial reports show that less then 1 % of the money PETA earns through donations goes to the animals. In fact, most of the money goes to advertising and misleading the public.

Shame on you PETA. No wonder there has been no tangible change from PETA over the years for animals. PETA, you are a glorified show that is a tax shelter for the rich. I have been wondering why PETA attacks the same groups year after year,yet we never see PETA helping the animals that  they are reporting. 

Join me in stopping PETA at https://www.petakillsanimals.com/take-action/. We must be the voice for all animals. We must send a message to PETA that their lies have been exposed and their cruelty to animals must stop.

Also, we have the power to stop PETA tax scam at https://www.consumerfreedom.com/articles/154-take-a-bite-out-of-peta/

PETA can no longer hide. Celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, know the truth and are no longer supporting PETA with their popularity or money. The once supported and love PETA is going to pay for all the suffering they have caused to the animals. PETA is a cult, not a animal rights activist. With today's technology, PETA cannot hide behind money. 

Wow, the Next News Network reports, PETA received 35 million dollars in donations last year and only 2.1% percent of the animals were adopted. PETA Must be stop. Let's join Gaga by not donating or supporting PETA.  

The Next News Network is correct, PETA should stand for People for the Execution and Terrorism of Animals. 

I hope Obama passes the no kill law. If he does, I wonder if PETA will obey the law. The members of PETA appear to lack morals and are willing to break the law for their insane cult like beliefs. 

PETA, once I was blind, I thought you were a friend. Yet, today I know the truth.

PETA wants all domesticate animals dead. PETA will be stopped. The animals PETA has killed and caused suffering will not be forgotten. Justice will be found for all of PETA's victims.

Power is knowledge. We can stop PETA with education and awareness along with action. Please sign the two petition to stop PETA and bring justice for all the lives that have been lost. 

Caring is sharing, please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and awareness while helping to find homes for dogs in need.  

Video Credited to The Next News Network found on YouTube "Animal Holocaust at PETA?"

Video Credited to The Next News Network found on YouTube

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