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Don't Judge a Book By the Cover, "The Awful Reality: Pit Bull Fighting & Animal Abuse"

Even After all the Abuse, Love and to be Loved is Still Remains in Their Spirits

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Knowledge and Education is power of all life!!!
Knowledge and Education is power of all life!!! 

No matter how beaten, mutilated, and abused the Bully still attempts to receive and give love. We should be as compassionate and forgiving towards any Bully. When we see a Bully or any dog that is being neglected and abuse we must become that dogs voice and advocate. 

No dog should ever be left on a chain or in a cage to live and die. I am amazed people do not consider the weather when they have outdoor animals. Extreme heat and cold is not only hard to the dog's health, but also the top reason dogs die. The sad part is most people that chain or cage the dogs forget about the dog and do not supply adequate water and food. 

Bojangles had come from a situation he had to access to water. He also had to fight for food. I have had him almost a year now. He has never taken food from my other four dogs, even on the first day. He has always been satisfied with what I give him. 

I had to teach him to drink water by adding fresh chicken broth. Today he drinks more then I can keep up with on his own, yet his willing to drink water took me a few months of encouraging him. He also came to me with a bad case of bronchitis, in which he shared with the whole family. All of us got over the illness within a week. Poor Bojangles took over a month to heal.  Also, to this day, he only accepts food from me. My husband enjoys feeding the dogs. Yet, Bojangles acts as if my husband trying to poison him. He comes to me and waits for me to give him his food. 

Dogs, specially Bullies will only take food from the person that trains them if trained properly in love. Sir. Duke runs and hides as well unless I feed him. 

I have been hand feeding since Sir. Duke since he was about six weeks old. I have taught Sir. Duke he is only to take food from me to keep him safe. He walks over food that is on the ground, unless I give him permission to pick up the item, which is not very often. 

For me, seeing and knowing people are not training and treating the dogs with care breaks my heart. Love and kindness is free. Homemade food can be possible even in the smallest of budgets. So, there is no excuse. I should know, I feed five very large dogs fresh meat, veggies, and fruit daily, and twice a day. They are healthier than they have ever been. I use to put dry commercial natural food along with the fresh food. I felt, I could not provide a balance diet. Yet, after research I discovered I was wrong. 

Any commercial,, even the holistic or natural, dry and can food are processed. Also, the dry and can foods do not provide the vitamins and nutrition as fresh food. Plus, the dogs do not require as much. Most dogs fight eating the dry food, perhaps they too know there is no value. 

There was two reasons I stop using dry or can food. 

1. Bojangles heart worm treatment. His vet recommended me to add eggs and fresh liver so he could have the vitamins and protein that all dry or can food  does not offer to build up his proteins. 

2. I had to put lots of fresh food with the dry food. If I went to little on the fresh food, the dogs would eat out the fresh food and leave behind the dry food. 

3. When I brook down the cost of the bags I had to buy each week along with the fresh food, the cost was higher then simply providing  fresh food only. 

My dogs love when they see me bring out the crock pot. They lick their lips and look forward to the food, knowing in 24 hours they are going to have a nice warm meal. 

Because I have five dogs, I cook a batch every two days. My dogs' health and love they give is worth the small effort and time. I cook the food for 24 hours, but the time it takes to prepare the food for five dogs from start to finish is about five to ten minutes. 

After taking the time to understand my dogs and cats over the past forty-three years, I know they feel life as I do, happiness, pain and so on. I treat them how I would want to be treated. When I watch the video by The Pitbull Advocate, I can feel the pain, sadness, and the heartbreak of each dog. 

I listen to my dogs and provide what they need emotionally, that is many reason why Bojangles has been overcoming his fears. I have notice, he will run past my husband and to me, because he knows no matter what I will protect him and stand up what is right.

Let's do the right thing for these dogs in the video and be their voice. The video you are about to see is very graphic and can be disturbing to some audiences. Yet, these dogs' stories need to be told, so we can help stop the abuse and senseless neglect by spreading education and animals awareness. 

I never knew a Bully could become so skinny. My bullies have always been well fed and have big muscles. I wonder why so many say wow, your dog is huge. Yeah, they are giants compare to the neglected and starving dogs. The sad part as I research about the abused Bully, starving bullies appears to be a norm. My goal is to make abused and neglected a rare to nonexistence.  

If you see a neglected and abuse Bully, please do not be afraid, stop and take the time to help. Your help could be the only and last love the dog will ever have in this life. 

There is no such thing as monstrous dog, only people that are monsters. More dogs are abused and tortured because they refuse to fight. The dogs that do fight are simple fighting in hopes the horrendous acts will stop.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and Bully awareness, while helping find homes for dogs in need. 

Video The Pitbull Advocate

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