Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"How smoking effects your pets - an expert view from a vet"

Second Hand Smoke Hurts all Living Life

Picture found on Pinterest, credited to The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Are you ready to join me for a thirty day challenge?
Are you ready to join me for a thirty day challenge?

More then 25 years ago I stopped smoking in my house or a friends house I knew, regardless if they smoke inside. My reason to smoke outside was because my Bully at the time could not breath and started to cough when she was exposed to second hand smoke. I learned back then, second hand smoke was worse then actually smoking. 

Shamefully, I did smoke around her when we were in a vehicle. I had my windows rolled down all the way. I was limited to how much I smoked and if I could open the window. If I tried to smoke in the vehicle with my Bully inside she would sound as if she had asthma. So, I learn to smoke less and not around my Bully. 

I know Sir. Duke hates when I smoke. He kisses me deeply and for a long extended time as if he is trying to remove something or heal me. I made a pack to him to always try to stop. I would never want to become sick and place him in harms way because of my nasty habit.

What I had not thought of was the fall out of the smoke effecting the animals that are near by the smoke the the doctor reports at Yorshire Smokefree. He is right, I know because as a painter, I hated painting houses or buildings where people smoked. The ceilings, walls, and carpets would have this disgusting film over the surfaces. The film would interfere with the primer and paint. I  had to use a very harsh primer so the paint would stick to the walls and cover completely. For years, I told myself that what was happening to me on the inside. Did that get me to stop, nope.  

I even made a pack with Sir. Duke that only lasted six months. I search for years for a logical reason. What finally got me to stop is being effected by the gluten in the cigarettes.Yet, after watching this video, I now know that the smoke will harm my chickens that are outside as well as me, has made me more steadfast in becoming a nonsmoker. 

Also, because of my animals, my home will be a smoke free zone inside and outside. 

Yorkshire Smokefree explains how the shape of the dog's nose effects what kind of cancers the dog can have due to second had smoke. Wow, I have never had a short nose dog, but I can see how the nose is not long enough to filter out the bad elements of smoke. I am so glad,  I have decided to simply clear the air for all of us and stop my senseless bad smoking habit. The world is polluted enough without me adding more toxins. 

The good news there is hope. As the doctor reveals in the video that once we remove the smoke and cigarettes time can heal.

If you smoke join me for a thirty day challenge. Let's get healthy and see what happens over the next thirty days. I have stopped today at noon. So, for me my challenge starts now. If you are a non smoker, simply join us and give us support, while watching us grow and become the better us. 

I have been a smoker for 33 years. I am curious what benefits my bullies will have and how my looks will change overtime as I stay a nonsmoker.

Sharing is caring. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping find homes for dogs in need. 

Video credit toYorkshire Smokefree found on YouTube

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