Friday, June 24, 2016

Microchip Helps Reunite a Family

Lost dog reunited with owners after 3 years

Picture found on Pinterest 
A cheap easy device that can save countless lives!!

When I first heard about the microchip years ago, I was not impress. I thought the microchip was another method the government used to control the masses of our society. However, I met a breeder that recovered one of her dogs she sold from a kill shelter is what changed my mind. 

All my dogs are microchip today. I realized for their safety, microchip is a must. Also, I realized the microchip is not a tracker. The chip only works when the animal is found and scanned by a special computer or program. 

The dog in the video is a great example why microchip is needed regardless if there is a law or not. Dogs have long term memory. All dogs will search for the original home and family.You can see the happiness in the dog once he is reunited with his family. Wow, three years was a long time. I wonder what adventures this dog had faced.  

I do know in order to have a healthy happy pet vacations, a safe place to live and grow, fresh food and water is a must. The microchip is simply a tool that gives hope and peace of mind if the worse case happen the pet goes missing or is stolen. Also, if someone was to steal your pet, the microchip proves ownership. 

Here in Texas, if a animal has been microchip and you suspect someone has taken the animals, the law will ask for the animal and scan for the chip. Yet, if the dog is not microchip, the law will do nothing, since the argument becomes hearsay, and 9/10 of the law of ownership is possession.A long battle will await a person in court, microchip helps to have a quick easy return.  

Do you have your pets microchip? Would you keep looking for years after the pet is gone? 

Caring is sharing, please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animals awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Video credited to Kendry Lynn

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