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Natural Home Flea Treatment

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Lemon Bully Flea Prevention
Lemon Bully Flea Prevention 

Update: 06/21/16: So far so good. I notice less to no fleas in the house since I started on the third of June. Yet, since the dogs do go in and out of the house I have been wiping the dogs down twice a day. Once in the morning and night. I have wipe Bojangles down also during the day. I notice because the grass is longer fleas jump on Bojangles. I can easily knock off the fleas. The fleas seem to react ill to the lemon oil on Bojangles. I read once fleas attack a animal that has a poor immune system. I am not surprised the fleas seem to aim at Bojangles, after all he is on some bad medicine to overcome the heart worms. 

I do need to mow the lawn down shorter. Keeping the lawn short as possible is best, because the fleas love to live in most shaded areas and die in well lit dry or wet (such as watering the grass or rain) areas.

Natural products takes a little bit longer then the commercial pesticides. The natural products have no ill side affects for both me and my animals. Plus, when the fleas bother my animals, I know, I must insure they have enough nutrition. 

Heart worms and parasite have been around since the first dog was discovered by man. Once in history, we had no issues with the parasite due to the dogs eating fresh food and scrap from the family's meal. You will see through research the dry and can foods does not offer the benefits to ward off parasite, fleas and mosquitoes. All dry and can dog food has no true value. Also, fresh food is cheaper and the dogs do not require as much. 

I have had to cut back on Sir. Duke's food, because he has gain too much weight. When feeding fresh food, we must be aware of the activity of the dog and weight gain.  

The best part when I wipe my dogs down, the active fleas are killed close to instant.

I am adding a teaspoon of organic apple cider Vinegar to both the dogs meal, morning and night. The organic, not processed vinegar is less bitter and easier to taste, you are welcome to use whatever Apple Cider vinegar that fits your budget

Original post: 06/03/16
Natural Home Flea Treatment For dogs and cats, Safe for all Animals. Fleas are amazing small and great at mass reproduction. According to research the male flea will lay 50 eggs a day. Wow, no wonder we all battle the mighty small flea. The flea produces a army for the battle. 

Several years ago, I use the Tropical treatment Advantage K9X. One year the fleas appeared to be immune to the treatments. The fleas seem to flourish no matter if I sprayed the yard and apply the commercial tropical treatments to the animals.

So, I started to investigate why. I found the tropical treatment had bad side effects to the animals. Also, the Advantage K9X could kill the cat that Cuddle with the dog. So, I research natural products.

I discovered most of the commercial sprays for flea control  have a lemon base. So, I started looking into all the different natural claimed products that help kill and prevent fleas.

I tried everything I read. I thought what do I got to loose. I tried, vinegar, salt, baking soda, Epsom salt, and every essential oils that said worked, such as sandalwood, peppermint, lavender, and cedar wood.

All the natural products helped to a point. So, I kept researching. I know people love advancements, yet I look to the past when life was simple and when we did not poison us, our planet or our  animals to battle the fleas.

I found a forum where people were having the same issue, nothing working on the fleas. Everyone had mix results on most of the vinegar, salt, baking soda, Epsom salt, and every essential oils that said worked, such as sandalwood, peppermint, lavender, cedar wood. The one natural products I observed had the best consistent results was lemon.

I was tired of being choked by the traditional chemical sprays in the house. I know if the commercial sprays that I was buying at the store where making me sneeze, cough, and take my breath away, bad things were happening to my animals that sweetly kept by my side.

So, I created Lemon Bully Flea Prevention:

  1. 6 lemons
  2. 2 limes
  3. Quart of water
  4. A pot with a lid to boil 
Directions: Slice the lemon and limes and place in the pot. Boil the lemons and limes for five minutes and let seep overnight or 12 hours. 

Apply to the animals, floors, carpets, furniture, and any surface that can be wipe. Add to a spray bottle and spray on the surface that cannot be wiped. 

I found for the dogs and cats taking a white wash cloths is best. I dip the wash cloth in the lemon water, I massage all over from head to toes. Remember to avoid the eyes the lemon will sting. I use a white wash cloth cause you can see all the dead fleas that the lemon water kills. 

Lemon Bully Flea Prevention is also safe for chickens. 

To insure winning the battle of the fleas, good housekeeping is a must! 

Research says not to shake out any pillows, blankets,or rugs in the house, because the fleas are simply spread throughout. The best approach is to take anything  you wish to shake outside. 

Also, I discovered water kills fleas as well. Yes, that is right, water. When rain comes fleas die. Let the sky rain, so we can win this battle. Also, normal watering of the grass and the surrounding area will keep killing and preventing fleas in the yard. 

Furthermore, the Lemon Bully Flea Prevention can be good for Humans as well, if you have a itchy scalp or the fleas are jumping on you. Simply apply on your skin with your hand or wash cloth. For the scalp rinse after you have washed your hair as normal. 

Another bonus to Lemon Bully Flea Prevention the lemons sterilizes while removing unwanted orders. 

Hard floor Directions: Sweet and clean the floor as normal. Apply the Lemon Bully Flea Prevention and let dry. This prevents the fleas from coming up under the floor, specially if you have hard wood flood like me. 

  1. Some surface must be wipe down daily during infestation. 
  2. A house cleaned daily has no to few fleas. 
  3. Clean the vacuum after each vacuum session. Canister vacuums rinse after each use and bags throw out in the trash. Be sure to throw the vacuum remains in a plastic bag and throw out in the trash can outside. The fleas will jump out of the indoor trash and starts new battles with at least 50 more fleas. 
  4. Wash personal bedding everyday until fleas are under control and the dogs bed once a week. (my dogs and cats sleep with me so changing my bedding is a must). 
  5. Light color sheets such as greens, yellows and white prevents the fleas and other bead bugs from hiding. Yes my favorite black and red sheets the fleas love to hide and reproduce. So, I have to wash daily.
The best part is all my dogs and cats smell fresh. I am not applying dangerous toxins and at night we all can sleep. 

I hope this helps you. I have heard from several people that are struggling to find something that actually works to kill and prevents fleas. So far Lemon Bully Flea Prevention I have found kills and limits the fleas overtime. Once, the fleas are under control, apply whenever you feel the need to prevent a war with the flea. 

Picture created by Bully Love & Devotion 
Swimming also kills fleas as well. Fleas like humidity they suffocate underwater.
Swimming also kills fleas as well. Fleas like humidity they suffocate underwater. 

Sharing is caring. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animals awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

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