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Not All Bait and Fighting Dogs That Are Rescue Have a Happy Ending

Meet Nathan, The Lover That Was Forced To Fight, That Deserved to Live
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These are the moments my heart breaks into little pieces. Meet Nathan.TAO Animal Rescue did all they could to save Nathan's life.

I have never been more horrified and disgusted about people that fight animals for the greed of money. I am at a lost of words. I am shocked there are people willing to watch, and place bets on such a distasteful, insane act upon a life. The scary part is the people that do not value life walk freely among us. Do not fool yourself, the same people that are willing to hurt a dog, such as Nathan, would also hurt a person if they thought they could profit.

Poor Nathan was injured and left to die. The only thing we can do is be grateful at least Nathan had love and kindness the last 24 hours of his life. There are countless dogs that suffer and die alone not ever knowing what love is.

The people that fight the dogs abuse the dogs. The abuse consist of  cutting, beating, and starving the dogs. A dog, even a bully, is not naturally aggressive. The abuse causes the dogs to fight out of defense. Once we can remove the dogs and provide love and care we can see the sweet nature.

Here are some tips from the Humane society that can helps us honor Nathan while stopping another dog from being hurt or/and killed.

"What you can do

1. Spread the word about our $5,000 reward by ordering a free reward action pack, which includes posters, postcards, brochures, and stickers with information about our reward for you to post around your neighborhood. You can also download our dog fighting poster [PDF] )( at and print it out.
2. Help take a bite out of dog fighters. Urge your local radio station to run one of our public service announcements (available in English or Spanish) about our standing $5,000 reward for information leading to a conviction of illegal dog fighting.

3. You can also fund raise for local bus ads, billboards, and PSA placements. Fundraising is a great way to get the kids involved: Have them hold a bake sale or car wash.

4. Do you have friends who offer services or own stores? Have them donate half their proceeds of a weekend toward our Animal Cruelty Response and Reward Fund
5. Educate the masses (or at least your circle of friends). Order a copy of our educational video, "Life on the Chain, Death in the Ring," and invite your friends over for a viewing party. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and there is no better way to get people motivated to do something than to let them see the problem. Host a party and then split into groups to plaster the city with reward posters.

6. Want to go further? Have an official viewing in a church or other public area (with permission, of course), and advertise the event. What a way to build a local coalition!
7. If you live in a state where dog fighting penalties are deficient, write to your state legislators and urge them to upgrade the law. Wherever you live, urge your local, state, and Congressional representatives to support better funding for enforcement of animal fighting laws.
8. Learn about our grassroots End Dogfighting Campaign, and get involved.
9. Sign up to receive The HSUS's email alerts to get the latest news about our efforts to combat animal cruelty.
10. Put a dedicated team on the animals' side by donating to our Animal Cruelty Response and Reward Fund.
11. Write letters to the editor about the cruelty and dangers of dog fighting.
12. Make friends with your sheriff, and bring animal fighting issues to his attention. Call or visit your local law enforcement office and bring them animal fighting reward posters. Even better, present law enforcement with statements from local animal control or shelter workers regarding the signs they see of animal fighting in the community.
13. Let your sheriff know about The HSUS's day-long training courses for law enforcement on animal fighting, with experts who discuss the signs of animal fighting and how to eradicate it. Once your sheriff is serious about cracking down on dog fighting and cockfighting, word will quickly spread that your town is no safe haven for animal fighters.
14. Post our dog fighting video on your website, blog, or social networking profile like Facebook to raise awareness about dog fighting.
15. If you suspect dog fighting in your own neighborhood, alert local law enforcement. Urge your local officials to contact The HSUS for practical tools, advice, and assistance. The HSUS has a standing reward—now doubled to $5,000—for information leading to a conviction of illegal dog fighting.

How to spot signs of dog fighting in your community

  • An inordinate number of pit bull-type dogs being kept in one location, especially multiple dogs who are chained and seem un-socialized
  • Dogs with scars on their faces, front legs, and stifle area (hind end and thighs)
  • Dog fighting training equipment such as treadmills used to build dogs' endurance, "break sticks" used to pry apart the jaws of dogs locked in battle, tires or "spring poles" (usually a large spring with rope attached to either end) hanging from tree limbs, or unusual foot traffic coming and going from a location at odd hours" (Humane society).
Visit Humane Society more information, posters and flyers.

 The sad part about dog fighting people do make thousands of dollars, so to stop the fighting rings we must spread education and be aware of our neighborhoods. Also, report to the police any activities that are illegal, such as selling drugs, specially when a person owns a Bully. We must pay special attention to our surroundings because the people that fight dogs go to extreme measure to hide and be unknown to the world.

Sharing is caring, please share Bully Love & Devotion to honor Nathan and all the dogs that need our help. Most of us feel powerless, but we are not. We can share Nathan's story while helping find loving homes for dogs in need.   

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