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Raw Verses Cooked Food

Update: 02/07/17 

The past month I have notice not all the dog are enjoying the raw food. The dogs would give me a look of discuss as if saying that again. Also, not all the dog were chewing the meat and bones properly. So, I started to keep a eye on their poop and observe what they would do right after breakfast and dinner.

When I observed the dogs pooping, I notice their feces look like dry wood coming out.They were lacking oil, as well as getting to much calcium and not enough fiber. I could see the dogs were struggling to eliminate the feces and getting attitudes each day. Yes, dog and puppies too can suffer from constipation.

I know the cook food is digestible simple by observing the dogs' and puppies' feces. If the fresh food was not digestible, we would observe that fact in the puppy's or dog's feces by seeing the undigested food.   

The dogs that were not chewing up the bones properly started to throw up the meat and bones within five ten minutes of eating. What was the scariest is when my female dog throw up a few small pieces of bones the next morning twelve hours after eating. This was a sign for me raw meat with bones is not for my dogs, as well the bones are not being digested properly. 

So, I am back to cooking all the meat, grinding the cooked bones for the calcium, and cooking all the fresh food. My dogs have been raised on cooked food since they were babies. I know research says raw meat and bones is best. However, for my dogs cooked fresh food is what they need. 

We must do what is right and healthy for our furry loved ones. Be very careful with giving raw bones to your puppy or dog. Never give cooked bones. If the bone is not crewed properly this can cause major health issue due to the bone cutting the lining of the stomach and intestines. Also, if a puppy or dog swallows to big of a piece this can cause blockage.

I am blessed nothing happen to my dogs. I added extra canola oil to their meals. Within the two meals the dogs were no longer constipated.   Also, my grumpy dogs were sweet and loving once again.

Each meal the dogs look forward to eating now that I have stop giving raw food. Even though I give them proper amounts of fresh cooked food, the dog even look for more food and lick their dishes perfectly clean. I should had realized the dogs did not care for the raw meat since they have been begging for my Vegan meals. Dogs have a natural internal instinct. We must not forget to listen, even is we think we know best.

Always do what is best for your furry loved ones. Yes, raw meat with bones is good for wild dogs, yet my dogs and puppies are domesticated and have always been raised on cooked food. 

Original post 06/27/16

Picture and Videos Created By Eve Hoffman 
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Video Created by Eve Hoffman 

Video Created By Eve Hoffman

Something about feeding the cooked bones was bothering me, even thought I have been feeding the dogs cook bones for some time now. I have notice the bones have not been getting very soft after 24 hours of cooking. So, I decided to research what was best cooked or raw. 

Before I researched my instincts said, raw was needed and better. In nature the dogs eat the animals flesh and bones uncooked. The animals in the wild do not have the luxury of a crock pot. With Bojangles on heart worm treatment, I wanted him to get all he could from his meals as well. 

So, I learned that cooked bones run a great risk of becoming brittle and sharp causing stomach issues and possible death. Also, I learned when the bones are cooked all the nutrition is gone that the dogs need for healthy bones and muscles.

Also, dogs have a hard time digesting cooked meat. Cooked food is a human concept. My dogs love raw foods, including fruits and veggies.In the wild when meat is scarce, the animals will forage for plant life. 

Even though, I found with research most people feed little fruit and veggies, I plan to keep part of the dogs food cooked. One of the reason was a veterinarian recommended to cook the liver that I feed my dogs. Also, I believe the dogs still need the other nutrition from the rice, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, greens, apples, berries, and so on. 

The dogs will get fresh raw chicken, about one to two pound each in the morning and at night. The one to two pound will depend on the size and need of the dog. For instance, Sir. Duke has a large appetite and is still growing. For example, he had a turkey leg, and two partial chicken legs for breakfast, while the rest got a chicken leg with a little of the cooked rice, veggie, and liver meal I made the night before. Soon, I will transition all the dogs to raw food in the morning only.

At night the dogs will get cooked rice with veggies, fruit and liver along with one piece of raw chicken. Sir. Duke, I will give him another turkey leg, since he has the jaw strength to eat such a big bone. Until the other dogs, such as Bojangles, builds their jaw muscles, they will have a chicken wing or leg. As you see in the second video Bojangles is already getting stronger to eat the chicken wing. The first time he struggled. 

I am hoping the raw meat will be a solution as well for Sammy's skin condition. Research revealed that most health problems go away with simply giving raw food as nature intended. 

Already, I have notice the dogs breath smells fresh. Also, their teeth are whiter. Another thing I notice is the dogs are not use to having to chew the food as much, so they get tired and take longer to eat. 

I know for me, the balance will be to give the dogs what they need and not to overfeed. With the dogs on raw food they will not need as much. Sir. Duke has had raw food off and on since he was about 7 weeks old. I know Sir. Duke loves raw meat and at the moment he cannot seem to get enough. I know in time he will balance his appetite along with his activities. 

I love how all my dogs look forward to eating. Not one dog protest. They use to protest the commercial dry and can dog food before I started fresh food only. The dogs acted like I was handing them cardboard if I did not mix in fifty percent fresh food. In time, all the dogs will adjust to having more raw food and less cooked.

I can see giving the dogs about eighty percent raw and twenty percent fresh cooked. Just as the dogs have to get use to raw food, so do I. 

What do you feed your dogs? Do you feed what the commercials tell you what is best or do you provide what nature would recommend? Let me know, do you think raw meat and bones are good for our domesticate animals. 

I am excited to see if I can get Sir. Duke and Bojangles coats shinier. Also, I am excited to see Bojangles gain more weight by his next check-up on 10/15/16. I know the fresh food helped him gain 13 pounds last time, despite the heart worm medication. According to research, raw food will be better for Bojangles, specially during the heart worm treatment. 

So, I just want to emphasize, I thought research said cooked bones was OK. I was wrong. Because of the cooked bones being to hard, they become brittle and dangerous. The only bones that should be given to our puppies and dogs are raw bones. Research recommends meat on the bone to give the dog or puppy a chance to chew and crush the bones. As always do your own research and check with experts before changing your dogs meals. I am slowly adding  raw food along with cooked food. I am no longer serving the dogs cooked bones only raw with meat. Also, the smaller the dog the smaller the piece of meat and bone. Of courser bigger the dog bigger the piece of meat with bone. When feeding your dog any bones always supervise. Accidents happens specially when the dogs get excited. 

The dogs were very excited when they got the first raw piece of chicken with bones. For example, the first leg I gave Sir. Duke, he took two bites and swallowed out of excitement.Thankfully every raw chicken with bones after the first one, he has taken the time to chew and enjoy.  

Sharing is caring. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and awareness, while helping find homes for dogs in need. 

Oh, as you see Sir. Duke is passionate about raw meat, so he had to have a time outside to adjust himself  is why I made two videos. Even thought Sir. Duke is a large puppy, he is still a puppy that is learning. I have notice he has the manners of a cave boy. Sir. Duke is the boss and gets what he wants in most cases. The pack knows he is the boss. Even if they think Sir, Duke is the boss, at the end of the day, I am. You will see how Sir. Duke listen to me, even if the cave boy in him does not want too.

I know the videos are dark. I will record a better one at dinner, so everyone can see the raw and cooked meal. 


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