Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sick and wrong In America "Dogs Tortured & Killed In Abandoned Detroit Hospital"

We must be open to the truth, not the story we create!!

Debby Macdonald is a true hero daily. She faces heartbreaking, dark aspects of life, yet never appears to have lost hope in humanity.

A abandoned hospital, I bet there is all kinds of creepy people that go there for all kinds of twisted illegal actions. I never gave thought why buildings should be torn down unless they are utilized until I watched this video.

I wonder what ate the dog, human or rat?

The dog was hung, how is the question. Without evidence we cannot say if the dog jumped, slipped, or was hung by someone. The guy  and Macdonald are right, we have to be open to the facts to learn the truth.

Macdonald is correct, we only save the animals with facts not emotions.

Does make you wonder what happen to this dog. Hopefully they do not find more cases. Perhaps, this was a accident. Appears the dog will be the only one to know.

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