Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sir. Duke & Bojangles, My Guardians

Powerful Love

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
A bully loves with deep loyalty!
A bully loves with deep loyalty! 

Over the weekend, I had developed a very bizarre and painful headache. I had woken in the middle of the night with a server pain on my left side of my head. The first fours hours, I thought my head was going to explode. The pain shot down my face and neck. 

The pain seem to start at the top of my head and crawled down my face, jaw bone and neck.

As I rocked and cried the pain away, my boys, Sir. Duke and Bojangles laid under me. Yes, right under my bed. They had worried looks as they watched me get on and off the bed.

I took aspirin with no relief. I drank lots of water. I notice, I had a small bug bite at the top of my head. So, the husband suggested to put ice on the bug bite. 

My headache seem to go on for hours. Yet, after my husband gave me the ice pack, my headache slowly stopped  hurting.

The pain was weird. The pain would reach a high point as if I thought my head would split then the pain would come to a stop slowly. This pattern seems to go on for a few more hours. I eventually fell asleep. 

That was a Saturday night. When I woke up late Sunday morning, Sir. Duke and Bojangles were spooned around me, insuring my safety while I slept. The Bully breed is great at knowing how to comfort when a person or animal is in pain. 

My boys are great at making me feel better. Sir. Duke and Bojangles are typical of the Bully breed. They are very sensitive, protective, and loving to me. 

I have had that strange headache off and on all week. The heat seems to bring the headache back. Cold water and having the AC low seems to keep the pain away. I have been taking dog naps, in which my boys both love. 

While I work, Sir. Duke and Bojangles both cuddle on my left and right side. They patiently wait for breakfast, snack, dinner, and play time outside. They are so loyal. I take breaks outside just to insure my boys do have time to play in the sun and take care of dog business. Otherwise, Sir, Duke and Bojangles would sit beside me all day without a thought of themselves. 

My boys became afraid, since they have never witness me in that much pain. I hope, I never have to have such a headache again. Yet, if I do, I know my boys, Sir. Duke and Bojangles will be waiting faithfully by to love and hold me.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
r. Duke says, "laying on one's back solves all issues".
Sir. Duke says, "laying on one's back solves all issues".

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping find homes for dogs in need. 

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
A Bully always is aware of others needs.
A Bully always is aware of others needs.

My Boys are no more then a arm reach from me at any given moment of day. They work hard at keeping a eye on me. 

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