Thursday, June 30, 2016

Speciesism is Breed Discrimination, Bully Breed

"Pit Bulls and breed discrimination" (WTNH News8)

Picture created by Eve Hoffman 
seeing the good in all of life as endless benefits
Seeing the good in all of life as endless benefits... 

Another good moment for one of the dogs recovered from Micheal Vicks compound where he had a large fighting ring and held more then five dozen dogs to train and fight. 

I will look for the movie Beyond The Myth. I am curious how and what they will report. Most of the negative aspect a person hears about the Bully breed, including the Pit Bull, comes from a myth or urban legend. 

As I explore fighting dogs, there is a pattern. The dogs are similar to humans that respond to extreme stress with a flight or fight response. Also, the dogs respond to the extreme abuse in a variety of manners, depending on the personality of the dog. 

Dogs are the same as humans, they respond in three ways to stress and abuse, fight , flight or hide. Also, just the same as us, some will take years to recover, and others may never fully be healed. The body heals quicker, but the emotional wounds runs deep that nothing can completely reach or understand. 

Saddens me knowing the people tape the bait dogs' mouth closed. What a unfair fight. No wonder the bait dog becomes injured so severely and have such emotional trauma. The sad aspect is the bait dog is already too small and often times not as aggressive as the fighting dog.

When we turn-in people we suspect involved in fighting rings, we make things fair for the bait dogs and fighting dogs. We must stand up for both the fighting and bait dog. We must look past any propaganda regarding the Bully breed to see the truth. 

The only aspect that is good about Vicks case is there are so many dogs that are living example why we must not judge a Bully, no matter the past. All dogs including the winning fight dogs have a chance at normal life as long as the dog is giving the opportunity.

All dogs, no matter the breed must be handle with care. As responsible dog parents, we must be trained ourselves, then train our dogs. A dog parent is the strong and loving leader. A strong leader raises a balance dog. 

The secrets is to be consistence and know what we expect from our dogs. Try not to fall in the trap of thinking to low of your dog. Think high. Make large goals. You may be surprised what your dog will learn and what you will gain in return. 

There are several myths about the Bully breed, yet the simple fact is they are like any other dog. The Bully breed needs shelter, food, water, training, and love. Also, just as us humans they too respond in a variety of manners that consist of fight or flight when abused. So, please look past the dog and judge the person that is the dog's parent, guardian, and guide. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and awareness, while helping find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Let me know how would you help a dog in need. Have you seen the movie Beyond The Myth? Would you help a bait dog or fighting dog? 

Video credited to WTNH News8

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