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Training is a Must, Specially when the dog is having aggressive Tendency.

"Training an Aggressive Dog" presented by National Geographic

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Bullies need a job, Focus them on positive work!!
Bullies need a job, Focus them on positive work!!

A good responsible pet parents understand that training and positive stern guidance is a must for a well balance dog, specially for the Bully Breed. 

I would love to say my bullies are "perfect Angles", yet that would be a lie. My Bullies are in constant training daily to insure they behave how I wish. 

My Bullies are extremely protective of me. I must constantly teach and train them to watch and observe while not taking action. They weigh together over 200 pounds. Having their focus on me is a must.

Also, my bullies do not care for stray dogs that attempt to trespass. So, I daily check my fence to ensure the sturdiness. Furthermore, my bullies are very powerful.Therefore, Sir. Duke and Bojangles are supervised when I allowed them in the yard. 

I keep my Bullies with me at all time. A Bully needs constant supervision. 

My Bullies have fears as anything in life. I am their master and responsible to guide and teach them to overcome the fears. 

Watch how Cesar handles a Bully that has aggressive tendencies. Observe how he allows the dog space to decide, while Cesar guides the dog in the moments the dog is unsure what to do. 

Understanding and admitting the dogs aggression is the first step to learning for both the dog and dog parent. Never be ashamed, all dogs can have aggressive tendency, Bullies are not special, they have a bad reputation and are very focused animals. A strong and knowledgeable leader is a must for the Bully Breed. 

I admit, I spoil my dogs, probably to much. Yet, I am well aware of their aggressive tendencies. My Job is to keep them safe. I train them daily. I only go to places, I know they will behave and not stress. Stress and fear is the leading cause why a Bully will become aggressive. Understanding my dogs limits, stress, and fear levels are the secrets to keeping both of them safe as well as me.

Not everyone should be a Bully Parent. A Bully needs a parent that is strong, firm, intelligent, and understand how to guide the Bully while he or she learns. We would have less dogs in need if people understood that a person must be discipline and knowledgeable of the Bully Breed.  

The Bully breed is highly intelligent and must have a master that is smarter then them. Never apply aggression to stop aggression. We must out smart the dog and reinforce positive training. 

When a person show aggression towards a Bully, he or she will respond in aggression. I do what Cesar recommends to snap my boys out of their focus and back onto me. Every once in a while I will smack them on their butts just to get them to look at me faster and in times they appear stubborn.  

Also, I have a small squeaky toy that gets both of their attention fast. I will use a spray bottle with water and vinegar to let them know to let something go or do not go near. 

There is a check list a person must asked themselves before getting a Bully. I will cover that check list in my upcoming post along with more training tips. 

Sharing is caring. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animals awareness while helping a dog in need.

Let me know do you want to know more how to approach a lose dog that may be aggressive. Power is knowledge and we must be wise to face the unknown world.

Video credited to National Geographic

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