Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"You Won't Believe What This Pit Bull Has Gone Through! Please share." No Bully Was Created To Be Bait or a Fighter!!

Bait Dog Gets a Second Chance at Love and Trust

Picture found at www.heroviral.com
Watch the video to see her amazing recovery!!
Watch the video to see her amazing recovery!!

The story of Precious reported by PAWsitive will get you to cry and inspire you to help a dog in need, including the bait dog. 

According to PAWsitive "Bait dogs are used for the more aggressive dogs". Also, PAWsitive is correct, bait dogs are used and then thrown away without a thought of the dogs' condition. Most of the time bait dogs are left to slowly die and suffer alone in a trash can or dumpster.  

The sad part is the people that run the fight rings and participate will typically use a non-aggressive dog to build up their prize dogs that produce them money. 

Wow, Precious is lucky to be alive. According to PAWsitive, she had no ears when they found her. The stubs of her ears were bleeding and she was malnourished when Precious was rescued (PAWsitive). 

My heart breaks knowing her emotional recovery took Precious two years to overcome the violence she had to endure. I am a amazed, Precious has learned to trust even strangers today.    

PAWsitive representative  is correct, she cannot stop the fighting rings alone.We can help her along with all the bait and fighting dogs by sharing Precious's story. We also can help by reaching out and helping a bait dog if we see one, contact organizations such as PAWsitive and Bully Love & Devotion for additional help, and spread education and bully awareness. 

Precious is a living example not to judge a book by its cover. No matter if the dog is a bait dog or a fighting dog, both could have a new chance at life when we rescue them from the fight rings and remove them from the violent person or persons.

Caring is sharing, please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animals awareness to stop the violence against the Bully Breed, while helping find homes for dogs in need. 

Video credited to PAWsitive found on YouTube

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