Monday, July 18, 2016

Benefits of Massages for Both You and Your Pet

A Life Time of Benefits

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I am ready for my massage.
I am ready for my Massage!!

I have massage my dogs for years. I massage them for a variety of reasons, such as for growing pains or anxiety.

All dogs no matter how stress, benefits from a gentle touch and a massage. Massages reduce stress and anxiety. A stress dog will learn to relax and stress less often. In time, even the extreme cases can learn better coping skills and no longer stress. 

We also bond better with our dogs through massages. My boys are addicted to massages. If I want them near by, all I have to do is get their attention and offer a massage. I find the dogs are more relaxed as well as more watchful towards me.

Massage can help sore muscles and allows the dog to sleep better. I love to give the boys a massage just before bed. The dogs sleep better in turn allowing me sleep without  as many interruptions.

Massage can be a good tool to reward after training with your dog. Learning  is best when we have fun and enjoyment. Dogs are eager to please. I have found  when we end our training sessions with massages our dogs look forward to the next time we train. 

Also, when we massage our dogs, we know quickly if there is a injury or health issue. As we massage our dogs, we learn were the dogs hold tension and reacts to pain. Massages deepens our understanding of our dogs communication that allows us to care for them better. 

When we massage,  rub them from head to the tips of the dogs toes and tail. Massage the ears. Also, be sure to rub the chest and belly as well. 

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Be sure to massage all over!
Be sure to massage all over!

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