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Daily Things That Are A Must When Caring For a Dog

Care is in the action we take daily.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman 
"Multiple and daily kisses are required", Says Sir. Duke.
"Multiple and daily kisses are required", Says Sir. Duke. 

There are several things that must be attended to daily when caring for animals. Some things on the list can be adjusted to personal needs, such how often bedding is clean. 

The basics for all dogs, no matter if they live inside or outside:
  1. Pickup dog poop
  2. Clean and fill water container 
  3. Wash the dog's food bowl after each meal
  4. Feed twice a day (Break up the amount of food daily into smaller meals, depending on the dogs needs. Adult dogs. Puppies vary, every two to three hours depending on age.) 
  5. Basic shot with rabies
  6. Spayed or neutered ( I have found the younger the animals are, the better. Also, when the animals are fixed, I do not have to worry about raging hormones and attitude to go with the hot hormones.)
Basic household chores when the dogs live inside full or part time:
  1. Sweep the floors
  2. Vacuum carpets
  3. Take out trash. 
  4. Pickup items the dogs are known to eat, such as shoes, toilet paper, and the T.V remote. 
  5. Shake off the dog's blanket and/or blankets (Shake outside just in case there are flea eggs. If the bed or blankets are shaken of in the house the flea eggs are spread around throughout the area.).
  6. Clean sheets (if your dog sleeps with such as my do, you will want to clean your sheets daily to every three days depending on the your personal need. I have lots of dirt verses grass so I must clean my sheets daily)
Basic care for All dogs Inside or Outside:
  1. A comfortable place to live that provides shade in the summer and warmth in the winter. 
  2. Pats, scratches, rubs, and massages.
  3. Brush the dogs fur coat ( this depends on your dog's need. For example, Sir. Duke is blessed to have a slick coat. So, he will go his whole life not needed a brush or comb. Yet, Angle has long hair and needs a brushing daily.) 
  4. Hug and kisses ( Of course this also depends on the dog's personality. All my dogs love hugs and kisses. Often times they insist on having both.)
  5.  Dog naps (Having a dog nap daily is always ideal, yet sometimes we cannot. So, taking a dog nap as much as possible is great too. Taking a dog nap with our dogs helps us to bond stronger and build a deeper trust with our dogs.
  6. Basic training (Taking a minimum of ten minutes daily helps to insure the dog learns the basic. Also, running daily drills allow opportunity to learn more.)  
  7. Play time ( If the weather is nice a walk and a game outside with a toy is ideal. Yet, if the weather is too cold or hot, make games with toys that include some basic drills inside the house. There can be plenty of exercise for the day when we include creativity along with a physical activity.)
No matter the organization, rescue service or individual, basic care is needed for all animals. There seems there are lots of basic care. Yet, in reality they are easy small steps that insure the animals are healthy and living a full life. Taking care of the dog and the where the dog lives is important for all to be healthy and happy. 

My dogs love when I clean the floors and their beds. I have found most dogs prefer to lay on a clean surface when there is a choice. As pet parents, providing our animals with healthy choices is our responsibility. Caring and taking care of the basics only takes a mater of minutes throughout the day. Allowing our animals to live beside us is the secret to a long healthy and happy life for both, us and our pets. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animals awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Let me know what other basic care is needed daily. 

The video a short clip of me trying to get the boys to play. 

Video Created By Eve Hoffman 

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