Friday, July 1, 2016

Dog can DIE In Seconds

No Time a Dog Should be left in a Vehicle

Picture created by Eve Hoffman 
Always stay with your animals, Never leave alone!!
Always stay with your animals, Never leave alone!!

As the heat of the summer warms, we must remind people never to leave a life in a vehicle.

There is really no time a dog should be left alone inside a car without fresh air circulating and the temperature should be comfortable. Comfortable would mean not below 50 or above 60 degree Fahrenheit. Animals, specially the Bully are sensitive to the cold and heat.

As the summer months warm and become blistering hot, we must leave our dogs safely at home, unless we are with them at all times. Leaving a dog in a running vehicle is not safe. 

Anything can happen with a running vehicle. Such as the engine could stall. The ac could stop working. The time you think is only a matter of few minutes turns into a hour. 

Once when I was eight. My parents and I just returned from a camping trip. We lived in a place near Riverside, California. The summers were warm. As my parents unpack the back of the truck left me sleeping in side the cab of the truck. No windows open, no fresh air. 

I woke to a wired feeling. I felt trapped. I could not fully wake. Yet, I manage to get the door open and fell out onto the ground gasping for air. When I saw my mother, I asked why she left me in the truck. She said with confusion of why I was upset, you were sleeping.

I felt that day how a vehicle can get too hot to breath, getting out was scary. I can only imagine the terror of being trap and not being able to get out of the vehicle

The temperature can reach points of suffocation in minutes. There is never a good  reasons to leave a dog in a car alone. A vehicle that sits alone with the windows closed at 70 Degree Fahrenheit will be 112 Degree Fahrenheit within an hour. At that point the dog can suffocate and die. 

Dogs cool off from their feet. They must have a place to be able to cool off. Dogs do not sweat the same as humans.

If a person sees a vehicle with a dog or child is trapped and does not have proper air, the law will be on their side when they break the window and rescue the animal or person. When a life is at risk, the law will protect the person that has to do what needs to be done to save the life. 

On the other hand, if a person is caught leaving a child or dog in a car will face punishment along with losing the child or animal. 

Never leave a animal or person in a vehicle!!

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness.

Leave a comment. Let me know, what would you do if you saw a child or dog trapped in a vehicle that could not breath? Would you call for help or take action? 

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