Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Extermely Neglected Bully Has a Second Chance at Life

Every Life Deserves Love and Care

Picture credited to AMA Animal Rescue
Wow, every bone Norman has is viable!
Wow, every bone Norman has is viable! 

Meet Norman, a bully that never gave up no matter how abused and neglected by society. 

Appears Norman lived most of his life abused and starved. They found him laying lifeless at a park. Despite, his weakness, Norman responds happily to his rescuers.

Normans nails indicate that he had not been walking around for some time. I wonder if he was chained somewhere and someone dumped him at the park. Norman look like what typically happens to chained and neglected dogs. Chained dogs have lots of health issues and often times suffer inhumane deaths without anyone noticing. 

Normans makes a amazing recovery with some medical care, exercise, fresh food and water, of course love and patients.

Norman is a great example how we can help a dog that appears close to death. We all cross each other paths for a reason. A blessing such as Norman's, simply take one small act of kindness. 

Norman was blessed to have so many that wanted to love him. Also, Normans is a typical Bully that just simply wants love and the bare basic of life, fresh food, water, and a safe place to live. 

Would you stop and help a dog such as Norman? Have you ever seen such a bad case of neglect? Leave a comment let me know what would you do if you found a dog as sick as Norman.

Sharing is caring. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping find homes for dogs in need.  

Video credit AMA Animal Rescue found on YouTube

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