Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fourth OF July Fireworks, The Sounds of Horror....

"Has Someone Started a War", Asked Bojangles.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
What was that noise!
What was that noise!

When the sun was up on the fourth, we had a few people in the neighborhood set off fireworks. Of course, Bojangles was not impressed. He would run into the house and waited for me. I would find him siting in the living room facing the door with looks of concerns. 

Of course, compared to the thunderstorms that would had sent Bojangles under the bed or into my arms, he did much better. He stayed in the house more and went outside only with me. Bojangles never hid. 

I am surprised Bojangles did not hide. There was a guy in the neighborhood where Bojangles lived before me that use to shoot his shot gun at him. I suspect Bojangles was looking for water and going after the farmers chickens. 

I am grateful the farmer was a bad shooter or only shot at Bojangles to keep him away from his live stock. 

We were lucky on Fourth of July. We could hear only a few fireworks and what sounded like shotguns and hand guns a few times in the house. I spent most of the night watching movies. The surround sound of the movies must had masked most of the sounds outside.

I did become a little concern the next day. I did find a large burnt bottle rocket on the side of my house where the cats' tower is located.  My house is made of all wood and so is my cats' tower. So, I feel blessed my house did not ketch fire. I wish people would set the fireworks off in open areas, not suburbia.

Within each thunderstorm and moments the world sounds at war, Bojangles is improving. There seems to be a glimpse of hope of understanding that the house is a safe.

I notice the last storm, once Bojangles realized, I was not going to throw him outside, he relaxed a little bit more. He did not hide. Nope, he had me hold him at the beginning of the storm to the time the rain had stopped. 

I am hoping with the loud noises on the fourth helped insure Bojangles no matter what he is now safe. I know one thing for sure, Bojangles is a loving dog that has deep fears in which thunderstorms and fireworks tiger. One day we will find the moment of peace and realize, yes the world is scary, but we have each other to face all the sweet and dark aspect life has to offer. 

I am grateful Bojangles considers the house a safe place, because he is a runner when frighten. Thunderstorms and fireworks are few main causes why a animals becomes lost. I  check my yard and fence before a holiday, when I leave the house, before and after a storm to insure my dogs are safe.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
No worries I am always with you
No worries I am always with you!!

How did you animals fair on Fourth of July? Did you keep your pets inside? Did you have one get scared and ran away? Or did you spend a quiet night at home? Leave a comment. Let me know what you are thinking. Do you like holidays or are you more like me and Bojangles that are grateful when the holidays are over? 

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