Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hand Feeding Your Puppy or Dog Has Several Benefits

Hand Feeding Provides bonding as well as endless benefits
Sir duke has learned to eat off a fork and spoon, as well out of my fingers...
Sir duke has learned to eat off a fork and spoon, as well out of my fingers...

I have been hand feeding Sir. Duke since he was six weeks of age. He is now about two and half years old. Initially,  I hand fed him because he was unsure and had a picky appetite. Also, he was nervous around the large dogs. 

All my dogs, even the ones I have rescued at a older age has been and still is hand fed. Hand feeding the dogs builds their confidences. Also, hand feeding helps shy or fearful dogs build trust because dogs are very social.

Also, in turn, teaches the dogs only to take food from the person that hands feeds them.All my dogs will walk over food on the ground. They only will eat the food off the ground if I pick it up and hand the food to them. I do not want my dogs to eat anything off the ground. Dogs often times get sick and can die eating the wrong thing off the ground. For example, if a person spilled antifreeze on the ground and the food was exposed to the antifreeze the dog could die.

Hand feeding also increases the personal bond with the dog. They learn to trust and pay closer attention and have better focus skills.

Also, hand feeding helps when we train our dogs. When we hand feed the dogs, their focus and attention improves making training easier. Most of the time, I ask the dogs to do something, such as sit, lay down, give me your paw, or a kiss since I have their complete attention.

Dogs are eager to please and are willing to work for their food. I have ran through basic commands while I fed the whole meal to the dogs.

Another benefit hand feeding teaches the dog his or her food is safe and she or he will get a fair amount. Often times food aggression is eliminated. All five of my dog has a place to eat. Each one knows not to come to close to each other. However, even the best of dogs can become protective of food. So, when I feed my dogs, I supervise them to insure no food aggression occurs.

Also, dogs learn to earn the food as they would in nature. Dogs do best when they understand their responsibilities to achieve food in a healthy manner. Furthermore, dogs that are hand fed have a higher respect for the pack leader.

Also, I have found through personal experience, hand feeding can start at any stage of life and a dog is never to old. No matter the age of the dog the benefits are endless. Of course, the younger the better.

Do you hand feed your dog? Have you thought feeding a dog can be a good training tool? Leave your thoughts. Let me know would you hand feed your dog for training or to bond better.

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