Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy Ending Dog Rescue Abandoned More Than 300 Hundred Dogs

Happy Ending Dog Rescue may not be so happy after all. 
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This should be every shelters mission!
This should be every shelters mission!

There has been a few reports about Happy Ending Dog Rescue abandoning and neglecting the animals they have rescued. One in Hewitt, Texas and Madison, Tennessee.

According to News Channel 25, Happy Ending Dog Rescue in Hewitt Texas has rescued and abandoned more then 300 hundred dogs recently.  

I am not surprise since Happy Ending Dog Rescue has been having financial issue for years. A few years ago I work as a department manager at Walmart in Hewitt, Texas. I sold cheap dog food to Happy Ending Dog Rescue. I tried to get them to upgrade the quality of food. Yet, I was always told how they had no budget for better food.

Happy Ending Dog Rescue bought the cheapest dog food possible. They would negotiate the price do to finical hardship. Of course, Walmart did not lower the price.  Eventually Happy Ending Dog Rescue stop buying through us. I was told they had gotten a camp to care for all the dogs and they no longer needed to buy dog food. 

 Also, I was told that Happy Ending Dog Rescue was paying the camp called Camp Diggy Bones in Lavon Texas to care for the animals. They told me the cost was lower and the dogs had a better environment. According to Channel News 25 reports, Happy Ending Dog Rescue has not paid Camp Diggy Bones as promised and have not returned for the dogs. According to Channel News 25 report, Happy Ending Dog Rescue owes Camp Diggy Bones $200,000. Also, the camp has taking care of the dogs with their one money so far. 

Also, I was told  by Happy Ending Rescue the camp offer training, a place to run, and play. Now, I wonder if the camp was a place simply to dump the dogs and forget about them. After I read News Channel 25 report, I wonder how much of the story was real verses fantasy.  

Shameful when a organization such as Happy ending Dog Rescue abandons, abuses, and neglects the animals they are suppose to be saving. Makes me wonder if Happy Ending Dog Rescue is simply in business to make money. 

Organization such as PETA and Happy Ending Dog Rescue makes us aware we must keep an eye on such rescue centers. Also, we must check up on the dogs that we help rescue to insure they are being treated humanly, have proper living environments, and are giving a chance for loving forever homes.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to help spread education and animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.  

Do you know if the animal rescue organization near you are properly taking care of the animals they rescue? Leave a comment. What would you do if you learned the rescue organization in your community was neglecting and abusing the animals? 


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