Monday, July 11, 2016

My Temper Can Make The Difference

Cannot Hide Emotion From a Dog

Picture created By Eve Hoffman 
I have two beware of dog signs for legal purpose, I wish I could find a sign that says beware of me!
I have two beware of dogs for legal purpose, I wish I could find a sign that says beware of me! 

A person can hide how they feel from another person, yet not a dog. Dogs spend lots of time in mediation to observe the world around them in the true form.

Dogs spend majority of their time quite and in deep meditation to understand every sound, smell, and image. One of  the aspect dogs pick up easily is the mood of the leader.

Most of the time, I am calm and collected. Yet, this weekend the idol threats from across the street brought my temper soaring. This is when I noticed my dogs’ stress and anger rises along with mine. The good thing that came from my tempter is the peace I achieve so far with the new neighbors.

When the new neighbors moved in, I welcome them with some children books. Of course they were pleasant and respectful when I had gifts. I notice they needed curtains, I had planned on giving them a few curtains and some more books for the teenager. Yet, after I warned them about having their dog loose and running around the neighborhood, their true thoughts of me showed. Of course, I have not giving anything to them since.  

Shortly after warning them about the loose dog in the neighborhood, I had to tell the kids to stop hitting the dog with a stroller and swinging their dog by both front and back legs. When I told them to stop the mother threaten me. She ask me to come into the street, so she could drag me and beat me. Of course I told her she was a joke and I had things for her that she needed, yet I was not going to support such ignorance with gifts. I went into the house. I left her yelling, saying racial slanders towards me, and threatening. I figure she could argue with herself.

When the mother realized she was wrong, she came and apologized to my husband the next day. Yet, a week later, the kids started threatening to have their big sister and mamma beat the white off of me. The children would threaten me whenever they are left alone for long extended hours when I came outside to visit a friend or do yard work. Yes, the people across the street from me are black. Well, this weekend, I finally talk to the mother after another threat.

One of the small boys, about five years old, ran up my drive way like he was going to hit or throw something at my dogs. When I told him to stop and get off my property, in which he did, his big sister (looked about 18 years old)  turn and looked. When I told her to keep him off my property and from teasing the dogs her response was ignorant. She yelled at me he was not on my property and he was not hitting my dogs. She said she would jump my fence and show me what hitting my dogs looked like. Also, she was not afraid of me or my dogs and she can easily smack all six of us around. I had enough, I simply walked away. I figure she about eighteen years old, she has a long hard life ahead of her and her ignorance will punish her.

A few minutes later, the mother walked by staring, so I said "hello", and the conversation went from there. The mother spoke to the majority of the kids in front of me (about six kids,ages from 5-14 years old ) that they were to leave me alone. She even had me tell them if they trespass or threat, I will call the police and child authority on them. I wish the eighteen year old girl was out at the time, since I believe the trouble is from her and she seem to be the main caregiver when the mother is either out working or at a party as she had stated to me why she is not home most of the time.

The women attempted to tell me she is not a racist, yet her kids action tell a different story. I will believe the action of her and her family before her unreliable words.

Well so far, so good. Yet, time will tell. Last time when the mother apologized for her and her kids the respect only lasted a week. The threats and teasing restarted.  

The great thing that came from the issues with my new neighbor, I notice whatever emotion I allow in myself my dogs display as well. If I am happy and carefree, so are they. If I am uptight and full of worry, so are they.  

So, I am working on how I react to people, specially to the ones that are clearly racist and full of ignorance. What concerns me the most is their ignorance. People can be very dangerous and frightening without enlightenment and understanding of their actions. I take comfort in my education and wisdom. Even though, I have guard dogs, I take every action to keep them safe.

To parents, please teach your kids not to tease or throw things at dogs, especially dogs that are free within a fence. A dog that gets loose will remember the harm the child or person has caused. Most attacks have a history of a person or child doing harm to the animal. Dogs do not attack people without reasons. Dogs are very loyal to people. Yet, just as us, they can only take so much. Plus, dogs do not have good eyesight. The dogs could had taken the child as a threatening dog or simply protect me.

I wish I had a beware of owner sign. I protect my dogs from the world as much if not more than they protect me.

 Picture by Eve Hoffman
Never underestimate a person with white hair, Beware of wisdom!!!
Never underestimate a person with white hair, Beware of Wisdom!!!

I would say something such as Beware of Wisdom. I have learned throughout the years wisdom helps avoid physical issues. Also, having the understanding of the human body's weakness can protect a person from even the biggest and scariest people without training. So, I would say beware of Wisdom. I am a Mamma bear that will protect her pack without a second thought.

Have you notice your mood can affect your animals? If so, how? Leave a comment let me know if you think your dog is good at knowing how you feel or not.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.

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