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Nights Are Endless When Death Seems To Never Come

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One tip can save countless lives and stop several from suffering.
One tip can save countless lives and stop several from suffering.

The night was like any other night and while the world slept Huey was left bleeding to die afraid and alone. 

Huey is a living example that no dog including the Bully breed want to fight. They are forced to fight or die. While the winning dog goes home to suffer more abuse and pain, the losing dogs are discarded as trash, such a Huey. 

Huey is one of the blessed fighting dogs that has been saved. There are so many that go unnoticed and die a very painful death that never feel love or kindness. 

We need to stay alert to the sign of a fighting operation. 

Signs can include the following:

1. Pit Bulls That Live On Heavy Chains !

Having Pit Bulls on chains with a heavy locks is common for most dog fighters. Often times dog fighters will keep the dogs confined and out of site such as in basements. The dogs will not be nurtured or spayed. The dogs will not be socialized. 

2. Washtubs and Sponges

Dog fighters will wash down the competitors dog to insure there is no poison on the dog. 

3. Treadmills

Treadmills is a tool that dog fighters will use to condition the dogs. Most of the time you will see handmade treadmills as well as electric ones. Most of the time if you see a treadmill there will be a chain with a collar attached so the dog fighter can force the dog on the treadmill. 

4. Sticks

Often times you will see several sticks in the area about a foot or so long.The dog fighters will use a stick to break up a fight. The dog fighter will use the stick to pry open the dogs mouth to stop the dog. The sticks will typically have blood stains. 

5. Wounded and scared dog. 

Wounds and scars can be found on the dogs face, front legs, hind ends and thighs. Swallow faces, puncture wounds and mutilated ears is also a sign to watch for. If you see a dog with server injuries, please call authorities immediately.

6. Fighting pits 

Fighting pits are often made out of wood and not very big, about fifteen to twenty square feet. They have small short walls about two to three feet high. Some fighting rings utilizes metal fencing. Often times they look like small version of the human fighting rings. You will see scratch lines on opposite sides of a corner where the fighters keep the dogs behind before the fight begins. Dog fighters are very creative on using a variety of material to create a fighting pit. Yet, once you see one, they all start to look the same. Knowing the signs is the secret to spotting a fighting pit 

7. Spring pole

Spring pole is a toll to build the dogs neck and jaw muscles. This exercise also build endurance. The spring poles are oftentimes made out of  rope and  is suspended in the air. Some dog fighter will also tie upa  rawhide as well. 

8. Animal mills or a Jenny Mill. 

The animal mill is to encourage the prey drive. The dog will be tied to the mill while a small animal is tied just in front of the dog. If you see a mill that has two tie out , most likely it is a animal mill. 

9. Large amount of vet supplies, vitamins and drugs

We must remember that not all people that keep vet supplies and vitamins are dog fighting, yet often times the dog fighter keep supplies near to avoid vets. 

 Some of the common drugs are: 

Winstrol-V and Dexamethazone (steroid)

Amoxicillin and Ampicillin (antibiotics)

Canine Red Dog (iron supplement)

10. Dog Fighting Publications

The dog fighters keep track of the dogs and the bloodlines that are winning through underground publication. 

The following publications are known are:

"Sport Dog Journal"
"Scratch Back"
"International Dog Journal" 
"Certified Contender Report"

If you suspect that dog fighting is taking place call Crime Stopper 1-800-835-STOP (7867). Never be afraid you can remain anonymous. They also offer a 5,000 dollar reward, so be sure to asked them for details. Remember to keep your tip number so you can keep track of the report as well as the reward.. 

Do you think you can spot a dog fighter or an operation? Have you known a dog fighter? If your neighbor was fighting dogs would you turn him or her into the authorities? Leave a comment. let me know, would you turn in a dog fighting operations for the dogs or for the reward. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping dogs in need. 

Video Credited to No Pit Bull Left Behind found on YouTube


  1. I wanted to thank you for sharing the video I made for Huey telling his story. I have never met Huey, but I have become very good friends with his momma, Tracy, and I can say for us both that it means a lot to have his story shared. <3

    1. Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to create the video on Huey. I am very pleased to share Huey's story. I hope to share his story to help stop all Bullies from suffering such as Huey. Huey is a fine example of the Bully breed and the power of love.


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