Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Over Three Hundred Dogs Found in the Second Largest Dog Fighting Ring

"Rescued dog fighting pups get TLC"

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We must stand up and say no more for all the dogs!
We must stand up and say no more for all the dogs!
Ever time I see a dog fighting ring, I am in shocked how the dogs are not cared for and are brutalized. Amazing how the dog fighters will have the pregnant dogs fight. Also, I am always amazed on how the dogs are not fed well. I would think the dog fighters would want a big healthy dog, not a unhealthy frail dog.

Tips provide a voice to the voiceless. Tips helped authorities to bust twelve people involved with this dog fighting ring. Also, the investigation took three years. When we apply the law, rescue takes time. We must always turn in someone we suspect is part of a dog fighting ring. As a result of people providing tips, these dogs are experiencing for the first time care, love, safe place to sleep, and a kind touch. 

I am shocked to see such small and young puppies on large chains. No dog should ever be placed on a chain. When I did not have a backyard, my dogs lived inside with me with multiple of daily walks. Dogs are very social animals and do best when they live with the family. Dogs are not simply pets, they are mankind's best friend. Dogs look to us as family and learn how to love and live.

Through love and kindness the dogs now have hope for a better future. Several of the dogs have health issues due to the extreme neglect. Also, all the dogs will be held for evidence. As they sit and wait for the legal process, the rescuers care for the dogs emotional and physical wounds and get them ready to be adopted. 

At the moment the dogs have to remain secret for safety. I wonder how they plan to adopt the dogs. Finding the right home and people will be the crucial point for all these dogs. Whomever is blessed to adopt one the dogs will be rewarded with endless love and gratitude. 

If you saw lots of puppies under twelve weeks of age on chains, would you turn them into authorities? Have you ever seen such a large fighting ring? Did you know that the dog fighters would do anything to take back the winning dogs? 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and awareness, while helping find homes for dogs in need. 
Video created to CNN found on YouTube

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