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Raw Meat Handle with Care, I got sick when I got lazy....

Raw Food Guidelines

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Raw meat defrosting, beside the raw meat wrapped in ten foil is chicken thighs with bones already defrosted.
Raw meat defrosting, beside the raw meat wrapped in ten foil is chicken thighs with bones already defrosted.

Update: 07/11/16: 

Research reveal that poultry, fish, lamb and deer meat is the best. Pork is full of diseases and parasites. Beef bones can be too hard for most dog. Also, beef does not digest well.

I have notice research tells us what is recommended, yet provides little advice on how to feed our pickiest animals. So, I started thinking what would be best for my pickiest of eaters.

This weekend, I decided  to slightly cook and puree the fruit and veggie, and then add them to the cooked organ meat and brown rice. I am finding this helps Bojangles eat all his fruit and veggies. The dogs I have rescued at very young ages do not have a problem eating fruit and veggies. However, Bojangles came to me older ( a little over a year), so he is learning. 

When we have older dogs (over 1 year old ) that we are switching to fresh veggies and fruits we may have to be creative. All veggies and fruits are healthy for the dogs. The only food we must stay away from according to research is onions, grapes and corn. So, we may have to try a variety of fruits and veggies that our animals enjoy or prefer.

Also, remember that carrots and sweet potatoes  provide enzymes for good digestion. So, they are good staples to have in the daily food. 

I notice my dogs get a burst of energy after eating each meal. Also, on the first day, Sir. Duke was protective at first when giving raw meat. Once he was insured that I was not taking his meat from him, he has been fine. Please remember, once you hand a dog a piece of raw meat, do not take the meat back. No matter the breed, a dog can become aggressive when food is taken from them.  

When I was a kid, I made a mistake and took deer meat from my dog to give to my dad's dog. They both were Springier Spaniels. My dog seems to eat more then my dad's dog. So, when I reached to take meat from my dog, I  caught  my pointing finger in his mouth. When I pulled my finger out so did a good part of my skin and flesh. I sill have a scare thirty-five years later. My dog did not mean to bite me. The bite was my fault. Being the boss does not mean we can give and take food away. Being a good leader is knowing when to let something go, when to give, provide clear instructions, and not to challenge our dogs just to prove we are the boss. Also, no matter the breed, how we treat and train our dogs is the cause of aggression, not raw meat.  

Having a well balance diet is important to any life. Knowing how to handling the food is important to all involved, including the person feeding the dogs. 

A raw fresh dog food diet should typically consists of the following:

  1. Muscle meat that is on or off the bone( I buy free range chicken, legs, thighs and wings from a local market to save money).
  2. Bones, either whole or ground.
  3. Organ meats, such as hearts, liver, and kidney (research recommends chicken, also from my local meat market. I buy a case at a time to save money).
  4. Raw eggs, ( I cooked my dogs eggs because not all of them like raw eggs, I do give sir. Duke a raw egg as a treat, since he loves food regardless if cooked or not)
  5. Vegetables, such as peas, sweet potatoes, broccoli, beans, spinach, and celery, so on (I cook this portion with the brown rice)
  6. Fruits, such as apples, berries or other fruit ( this is giving raw, I use blue berries the most since that is what the dogs favorite
  7. A small amount of dairy, such as yogurt (my dogs do not care for plain yogurt, so I get them vanilla flavored
  8. Rice, be sure to cook Brown rice. White rice is bleached and as no nutrition
How to handle the Raw Meat:
  1. Always defrost the meat in the refrigerator or in cold water for only a few hours. 
  2. Place raw meat in proper containers so the blood does not run all over the other items in the Refrigerator. 
  3. Designate a special place for the raw meat, specially if you are a Vegan such as me.
  4. Serve the meat from the refrigerator, do not allow the meat to stand out in room temperature. If you have a dog that has a powerful jaw, you can serve the meat frozen or slightly frozen. 
  5. Wash your hand with soap and water, do not just rinse your hands. ( I made that mistake and had gotten sick for a few days)
  6. Wash all the dogs dishes after each meal or before. Yes, the dogs can get sick as well if not handle properly or eat out of dirty bowls.
Benefits to raw meat and fresh food diet include:
  1. Less aggression
  2. Shiner coats
  3. Clean teeth with better breath
  4. Healthier coat
  5. Small stools
  6. Better health (most health issues clear when the dog is placed on a raw diet)
  7. Allows the dogs to fight parasites, such as fleas and heart worms
The important aspects is to handle the raw food with care and provide a balance diet for our dogs. No matter the dry food or canned meat, even the holistic expensive dry or canned food does not provide a proper diet. 

Also, fresh food is less expensive verses dry or can dog food. I feed five dogs a day. The cost varies, depending on what I buy. The cost for me is around three to four dollars a day, about twenty-eight dollars a week. I figure if you plan ahead and buy in large potions, one dog should cost less to one dollar a day.

What do you feed you dog? Do you feed what major companies want you to believe is a healthy diet? Have you ever wonder why so many diseases are affecting our dogs that eat dry or canned foods? 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animals awareness, while helping find homes for dogs in need.


  1. Thanks for the info ill start trying it on my dogs all of my dogs have skin issues and are allergic to almost all of the products that are commercially made ill let you know what happens

    1. Awesome, please let me know. I have two dogs as well that are allergic to the commercial foods. In my opinion all dogs have ill reaction to the dry and canned processed foods, just some show the effects more.


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