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A Person Is Responsible For Dog Aggression, Not The Dog

"The Dog Whisperer - Anger Management (The Pit Bull and Boston Terrier Ep..."

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watching the world go by, stay calm
Watching the world go by!

I have always been aware that negative issues with a dog is because of poor leadership.Until I watch the Dog Whisperer video, I had not thought of the importance of the person being a good match for the dog.

As soon as Cesar said they wanted to keep the Bully since his owner was not compatible for the dog my heart broke. Yet, I was impress that the guy simply accepted the advice and did what was best for the dog. After the guy gave up his dog so easily, I realized his personality or lifestyle is not best for his dog. 

Perhaps, the dog even was happier. I know when the dog was at the rescue center she flourished. She appear to fit right into the pack as if she was returning to her lost family.

When we pick out a dog, we should investigate the basic personally of the breed we are interesting in to see if the dog will be a good match to our personality. The Bully breed is the same as any large dog, they need strong skillful leaders.

Also, I know by personal experience with my bullies, we must stay calm and confident. Dogs feed off of stress, tension, and anxiety that we produce. Cesar is correct, we only get control and our dogs attention when we are quiet, strong, know what we want, and self assured. 

Dogs are not naturally angry. Anger management must come from the leader. The best way to understand our emotions can shape the dog is to pay attention to how we feel and how the dog is reacting. Dogs are great at teaching a person to stay calm, positive, and confident. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness, while helping homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Let me know, would you give up your beloved dog if that was best for the him or her. Could you easily give the dog always as the guy in the video?

Video Found on YouTube created to Dim Kampra

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