Thursday, July 28, 2016

Inhumane Side of PETA

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Say No to PETA. Do Not Donate.
Say No to PETA. Do Not Donate. 

Warning this video does contain extremely graphic images. For years, even decades PETA has been collecting money from donations and not helping animals as they claim is their goal.

All across the USA, PETA has been caught killing and dumping the animals they claim to be helping. As I learn more about PETA, I realize their goals are not to help animals, but to fulfill PETA personal agenda. The main focus for PETA is to have everyone become a vegan and eliminate domesticated pets. Some of the proof is in this video. 

PETA has some ill thinking. They have been known to kill healthy and adoptable animals for bizarre selfish reasons. PETA claims euthanasia prevents the animals from facing a life of hardship. Wow, who needs enemies when there are friends like PETA. 

The sad aspect is money helps people such Andrew Cook and Adria Hinkle face little punishments for such cruel and inhumane acts. These two and PETA are the true sick ad ugly of our society. Cook and Hinkle should had a real punishment for killing hundreds of dogs.

The facts show PETA helps less then 2% of the animals that they claim to be helping each year. Today reports say that about 98% of the animals in PETA shelters are killed, regardless if they are healthy and adoptable. Perhaps, PETA members have no heart since they do hire criminals to do their dirty work. 

Also, PETA tax records show less then 1% of the money PETA obtains helps the animals. The money mainly supports campaigns to support PETA agendas, payment to celebrities and individuals to behave extremely bad for PETA cause, and legal fees to protect PETA members and change laws. 

I am a vegan, yet I do not support PETA. PETA want to kill all domesticated animals. PETA hates the Bully breed. They do not care about the animals PETA claim they want to save. PETA is the true definition of speciesism. The only animal they are about caring for is themselves. Also, PETA only claims to help the animals that bring in the most money. Shame on you PETA, all lives matter! The proof is in PETA actions and the lack of saving the animals over the years. 

Have you ever wonder why PETA never has made a true impact on saving animals? PETA is more of a cult. The money is not utilized to help animals. I wonder what will happen to PETA once the crazy founder is no longer influencing PETA. Everything on earth has a beginning has a ending. Let's hope PETA end is coming soon, since the truth  about PETA is finally coming out. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Did you know PETA has animals rescue shelters and less then 2% every see love and a safe home? Did you know PETA's goals is to kill all domesticated animals, such as the cat, cute hamsters, and the dog too? 

Video found on YouTube, credited to Hello.

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