Thursday, July 21, 2016

Very graphic video of three teens that burn alive three puppies in Hyderabad

"Youngsters burn alive three puppies in Hyderabad"

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Despite the cries of terror from the puppies, the teens brutalize and burn the puppies alive!
Despite the cries of terror from the puppies, the teens brutalize and burn the puppies alive!

This video is very graphic.The cries of the puppies are horrible. The teens heartlessly  force the puppies to stay in the fire until they die. The scary aspect is these teens are not far from becoming adults. This sick, wrong, and cruel act is a bad indicator of what kind of adults these teens will become. 

No animals should ever face such torture. The teens need a punishment that would fit their crimes, so they can obtain empathy.

Due to animals rights activist out cry for justice, the teens have been arrested. However, due to weak laws to protect animals the teens will most likely face minor fines only. I am a firm believer in Karma. Life will reward these teens for their inhumane actions and death of the puppies. 

There must be better laws around the world to protect the animals, domesticated and wild. We need to place harsher laws against abuse and  people, adult or child, that murder animals. All lives matter, including all the animals around the world.

One action we can take to help the animals around the world is file a complaint against Hyderbad for better laws to protect and prosecute people, including people under 18 years old  for brutalizing and killing animals. We need to let every country know that all lives matter. Also, laws must be created to protect the voiceless, such as those puppies that the teens burned to death.

Join me and don not let the puppies cries and painfully death go unnoticed and in vain. Let's honor the puppies by creating positive change that will end such cruelty for all animals around the world.

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Leave a comment. Do you think these teen should be punish for the brutality and death of the puppies? If you saw teens torturing animals, would you stop them or look the other way? Would you personally take action or call the authorities? Have you ever had to stop a child or teen from harming a animal?

Video Credit to Lokmat News found on YouTube

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