Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Water is Essential to Life

Animals Need Water All Year

Picture created by Eve Hoffman 
Fresh daily water is needed, ice in the water is a bonus!
Fresh daily water is needed, ice in the water is a bonus!

As the summer months warm, we must leave enough water for the animals. All animals require water. 

I have several options for my animals. I have a pool, automatic water feeder, and a bowl inside the house. T he reason I have a variety of options is for the different animals I have do have personal preferences.

The cats mainly drink out of the automatic water feeder and pool, while the dogs mainly drink the water from inside the house. 

Bojangles has never cared for the sounds of  the automatic water feeder. So, I make sure he has the pool and a fresh bowl of water inside the house. 

Of course the animals love ice water. As the months become hot, I will add ice water to the bowl inside the house. The ice allows more water and the water will last longer, specially on hot days. 

Having enough water keeps the animals cool and healthy.

Have you ever notice on a hot day, after drinking ice water, the heat feels more tolerable. This is because our center cores are cooled by the ice. This is the same for our animals. Water helps keeps their blood moving while keeping the animals' center core cool. 

I would like to say I have a routine for the dogs' water. Yet, there is not set time. Since I have so many animals, I check the water several times a day. I fill the bowl with fresh water multiple of times a day. The amount of times depends on my animals needs. The warmer the day, more water. The cooler the day less water.

Also, washing the bowl is important as well. Bacteria can build up and get our furry family members sick. If you are worried about soap residue, you can wash the bowl out with white vinegar. I just plash some vinegar inside the bowl, scrub, rinse, and fill with water as normal.

The vinegar acts as a bleach. Kills all the bacteria and diseases, while being safe for all animals, including us humans.  

The pool, I will clean a few times a week.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman 
Clean pool, day one
Clean pool, Day one.

Remember to check the water daily and often when the days and nights are warm. Animals area the same as humans and require a large amount of daily fresh water to survive. My boys get refills all throughout the day and once before bed.

Of course, my dogs are happy to smack the dish a few times with loud noises if I forget. Yet, having water at all times is better. Specially, if there is more then one animal that needs water.

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I have a video how I cleaned the pool with the cat drinking afterwards. If and when I get it to download I will update today's story. Amazingly what the pool will look like in just a few days.

Leave a comment. Let me know how does your animals get fresh water. Do they have a pool to cool off and drink? To you have a self-feeder and what kind. Tell us the pros and cons of a water feeder that is automatic.

I know of two negatives when having a automatic water feeder.

1. Not all the animals will drink from the self-feeder.
2. Sometimes a self-feeder can break and no one notice for days or weeks. The animal suffers. This is why I have other options.

Often times when we have something already taken care of for us, we take the item for granted. So, if you have a self-feeder, just be sure to keep an eye on the automatic water feeder, even the best can break down, get clogged, or simply stop working.

All of life is powered by fresh drinkable water.

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