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Baylor's Football Player Caught Abusing His Dog On Camera Prior to Molesting the Dog

 Ishmael Zamora, A Wide Receiver for the Bears, Abusively Punish His Dog

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We need to send Ishmael Zamora if he abuses animals will be the end to his sport career
We need to send Ishmael Zamora, if he abuses animals will be the end to his sport career. 
Update: 02/09/17

Yahoo Sports reports, Zamora was not granted the invite to the NFL scouting six days ago. Great news. He does not deserve the privileged to be a athlete for the NFL. Baylor is immorally wrong to allow Zoamora to play or to keep the bench warm. At least the NFL has standards and is not considering Zoamora for recruitment. 

Update 09/20/16

Well, Zamora has not gotten punish as he should be. Baylor is allowing Zamora to practice with the team according to ESPN. ESPN was able to obtain a fresh video of Zamora practicing with his team mates, despite his recent ill actions towards his dog. As normal Baylor is looking the other way when a star player has abused or rape another. 

I heard Zamora  is only suspended for three games for his action against the dog. Baylor plans to allow Zamora back on the team. 

Here is the new petition to have Zamora removed from Baylor permanently. Justice will prevail. Fair and moral justice simply take time. 

Demand Baylor Remove Vicious Animal Abuser Ishmael Zamora immediately!

The petition has been created in response to the graphic video whereby Ismael Zamora viciously beat his dog with a belt and stomped on him while the helpless animal screamed in pain.  The signatories to this petition hereby demand the following be undertaken immediately:
  Baylor University immediately remove ‎Ismael Zamora  from their football team and discontinue their support of his actions as represented by the comments made by Coach Jim Grobe.
 That Zamora be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We maintain felony animal abuse charges should be levied, not a $500.00 fine!
 Further, Authorities must immediately remove the dog from any contact with Zamora, and place him in suitable SAFE care.  An immediate ban against owning animals should also be in place.
The video is extremely difficult to watch. It is not necessary to view it in order to help ensure the clear message is sent that this behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If you choose to view the video, you will be disgusted and outraged. There is no excuse for what Ishmael Zamora did, nor is there any excuse for his coach Jim Grobe to defend him by downplaying such an abhorrent act of violence as mere frustration. This is absolutely unacceptable! 
 The video link has been provided here:
Updates will be provided on our Facebook  page:
 Click here to have Zamora removed from the Baylor Bears: Remove Zamora from Baylor
Update 09/07/16:

From Randall Mueller "125K! We Will Continue to Fight!

Sep 06, 2016 —
Crickets. That’s what we’re hearing out of Baylor University regarding anything further about Ishmael Zamora. The University states that it does not condone such behavior by anyone, but he is still listed as a player on the team’s roster. While this is not surprising, it is certainly disappointing.
In just 1 week, though, this petition has gathered another 95,000 signatures. 95K! That is not the sound of crickets. That is the sound of action. This is the sound of thousands and thousands who believe there can be no place on a college football team for someone who would brutally beat their own dog with a belt for having an accident indoors. Animal cruelty has no place in sports.
I’ve taken the additional actions and I would encourage each of you to do the same:
• I’ve written a Letter to the Editor of the Waco Tribune with the hope that it’s published.
• I’ve emailed the following Waco/Central Texas media organizations with the same letter: KCEN, &; KXXV, Pattrik Simmons,; KWTX,; KWKT,, &
• And I emailed The Baylor Lariat, the University’s student-run newspaper:
Again, I ask that you please continue to share this petition, asking others to sign and do the same. We have serious momentum and now we try to draw closer attention to this petition within Waco and the Central Texas area. Our work is not done. Until Zamora is removed from Baylor’s football team, we will continue to make our voice heard." (Randall Mueller)

Join me and email all who you can to stop Zamora from getting away with the brutality he forced on his dog.

Update: 08/31/16: Zamora has been suspended from the Baylor Bears. Please join us and sign the petition to ensure he is expelled from the Baylor Bears in the future. 

Thank you every one that has sign one of the petition to stop Zamora from abusing and molesting another animal in the future. Baylor may not be in Zamora future, yet this lesson he will learn. Let's not forget he was not forgiving to the dog he was molesting that cause the dog to defecate on the floor. Unlike his punishment, the punishments he faces will be fair and humane. 

Update: 08/26/16

Waco, Texas (KWTX) reports, Zamora had been molesting the dog right before the dog defecated on his floor, then Zamora beat him with a belt and kicked the dog. This guy has some real sick issues. He must not be allowed to play for the Baylor Bears. 

The sad part is KWTX reports the mother took the dog home with her. This women raised a son that enjoys having sex with dogs, along with beating the animal. My instincts say, she is has sick and wrong as the child she raised. The poor dog needs a new home were there is love and respect for life. 

Good news there has been a overwhelming outcry with several petitions signed to have Zamora removed from the Baylor Bears. KWTX reports 219,000 signatures so far have been collected from all the petitions. Please join me and sign one if not all petitions to send a message being drunk, having sex, and beating the dog will not be tolerated. 

Update: 08/24/16

Here is a link to remove Zamora from the Bears. Baylor Wide Receiver Beats Rottweiler With Belt 1,487 needed to reach 5,000. Signing the petition only takes a second and no one will hassle you. The beauty if this petition successful, we may be saving another life from suffering at the hands of Zamora. 

I have read reports Zamora was drunk when he whipped and kicked his dog. Also, his mother pleads to give Zamora another chance for his mistake. She claims he did not know better. I have a hard time believing Zamora did not know better.  No matter the excuse or the pleads from his mother, Zamora must learn how to treat life in general. Who is his next victim if he is not held accountable? It is obvious his mother has made excuses for Zamora since he was a baby, and now his anger issues have come to light in the public eye.

Zamora better watch his P's and Q's,  the public is watching. We cannot allow another Micheal Vick to be in the public spot light. Just as Vick was a  role model, so will Zamora. Do we want Zamora leading the next generation

Ishmael Zamora, A Wide Receiver for the Bears, Abusively Punish His Dog


News Channel 25 reports, Ishmael Zamora severely punishes his dog for having a potty accident while he is away. The excuse was the punishment was out of frustration, since he had been spending time with a personal dog trainer. Zamora harshly whips the dog with a belt. His swings are extreme and unfair. To end the punishment, Zamora kicks the dog extremely hard. 

There is no excuse to punish a dog in any negative manner for any reason. Positive training and patience is needed when training any life, specially when the life does not speak the same language. Dogs that get punish, learn to potty behind your back in fear of being harmed, even when they are outside. See more training tips, Click here to learn more training skills, tips, and tricks..

Relieving the bladder or colon is natural for all living life. Just the same as humans, dogs and puppies are trained when they are ready.  Also, similar to humans, some dogs potty where you want them right away and some take a great amount of time with patience. The best method is to potty train is to praise the good moments of potting outside and frown in the moments a mistake happens. 

Also, we should not punish the puppies or dogs because often times the mistake is the pet parents fault. For example, the puppy or dog was left to long alone. Also, the pet parent may have forgotten to take the dog out or too soon before leaving.  Sometimes the pet parent is simply not paying attention and misses the signs the puppy or dog needs to potty.

Never punish for what is natural. Be creative. Just the same as us humans, every puppy and dog learns in his or her time and method. 

 Ishmael Zamora needs anger management, as well as be trained on how to treat animals, specially dogs. 

I have lived next to Baylor University for the past nine years. I was even accepted to the college. No matter the case, I never felt at ease at Baylor or with someone from Baylor. I felt looked down and outcast. The majority of the people I have met and have had to work with have been arrogant and rude. Some people that have and are attending Baylor act as if they are more privilege then who does not attend Baylor and are above the law. 

When I saw the report form News channel 25, I was not surprised. I was disturb and upset, since most likely Zamora will go unpunished too maybe a slap on the hand. I have only met a few people from Baylor that had common sense, intelligence, and kindness for life. 

You would think Baylor would produce productive people that respect life since religion is part of a degree from Baylor. Nope, there seems to be a lot of rapist and angry narcissist that attend and graduate from Baylor. Of course, the people that attend Baylor typically do not care for the education as much as the gold label they receive with the degree. 

I hope Baylor does the right thing and suspends Zamora for a season to send him a message Zamora's sports life will end if he is caught again abusing animals. The sad part is, this is most likely not the first time Zamora has abused a life, only the first time someone spook up for the life Zamora was abusing. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animals awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Do you agree people in sport and have high media coverage should be held accountable for their actions in privet and public. What kind of punishment should Zamora receive for abusing the dog? What about a season sitting on the bench with Zamora helping a few hours a week at a animal shelter? Leave a comment, let me know what is on your mind. 

Video found on News channel 25 


  1. Another piece of crap coming out of Baylor university waco tx.

    1. Very much so. Baylor is all about money and a popular label attach to a degree, not creating people with morals or critical thinking skills.

  2. A friend sent me this petition to have Zamora removed from the Baylor Bears. Not a lot of signatures are needed to have a real punishment for the spoiled Baylor student. Join me and sign at:

    I also have a link on the What's trending page @


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