Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Bully On Death Row After Being Teased

Tragic things happen when teasing occurs. 

Picture found on New York Post credited to Facebook
He broke out of his fence after being teased by the Chihuahua.
He broke out of his fence after being teased by the Chihuahua. 
The New York post reports, Caesar attacks and kills Chihuahua and is place on death row without a proper lawyer or court hearing. 

According the report, Caesar has killed a cat as well. Well, I hate to say this, but, both victim of Caesar where small and brought out the prey or protection in him. Also, according to Caesar's pet parent the Chihuahua had teased him and provoked Caesar. 

I can see the Chihuahua teasing Caesar. I have one in my neighborhood that loves to stand in the yard and bark at the dogs. I must be very careful with the fence. My dogs do not like the local Chihuahuas.

Also, I have cats. I can see the cat trespassing and Caesar playing to rough or letting the cat know not to return. Caesar's pet parent is right, he deserves a day in court to express Caesar's side. I do not believe this dog is viscous and death is warranted. He has had some hard moments. Yet, in the dog world Caesar action may be justified. 

Caesar needs training. Perhaps training would be a good idea for the pet parent. Most issue come from lack of training. A well behave dog comes from skillful leadership. Do not punish Caesar, let's teach his pet parents.  

At the current moment, Caesar is waiting for his day in court. I sure hope his voice is heard and arrangement maybe made to save Caesar's life. One thing for sure, Caesar should not be around small animals. 

Do you believe Caesar should die for being protective against a dog that teased him and a cat that trespassed? Or perhaps should Caesar return home with restrictions and training? Let me know what you think? 

See full story New York Post  

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