Monday, August 8, 2016

A cheap Pool Can Provide Years of Fun and Hydration All Year

Having a Pool all Year is great for Several Reasons, one keeps the dogs happy!

Picture created by Eve Hoffman 
Hot summer days are great for dog naps!

Having a pool for the dogs is great all year. All of my dogs, except for Sir. Duke simply drink out of the pool. Sir. Duke loves to dip throughout the day, of course whenever the weather is 70 degree Fahrenheit or above.

All my dogs enjoy the AC all summer. They all love to swim at the lake or river. On the days we cannot go out to swim, Sir. Duke dips to keep cool. Of course, Sir. Duke would love to have a real pool. A pool that he can dive in and stretch his legs.  

Due to Bojangles heart worm treatment, he has yet to swim. Next year when he is done with his treatment, I will teach him, and Bojangles will love the water as much as Sir. Duke. 

Having a small wading pool for the cats, chickens, and dogs is not very expensive. Also, the pool insure the animals have water if their water bowls runs out. Yes, I am a firm believer to have multiple of  fresh water in a variety of places when there is more then one pet. More the pets, more bowls of water. 

The small wading pool in the video cost around ten dollars (US). I have had my pool for the last two years now. Depending on the care of the pool, the pool can last for years. The most wear on the pool comes from draining and cleaning. My pool does have a small leak now due to a crack on the side. The crack came from me draining the pool. 

During the summer the pool must be cleaned every two to three days to prevent mold and bugs. Now, the winter, fall, and spring, the pool can be cleaned once a wee, depending on the weather.

I do not add any chemicals to the pool due to the animals drinking the water. The only chemical that can be used safely with the chickens is distilled vinegar. I place a few cups in the pool. Let the pool soak for about fifteen minutes or however long you desire, then scrub, and rinse. The great aspect is the vinegar is safe if any animals dink the pool water while it soaks. If you animals do not mind the taste you may leave the vinegar in the pool.

Leaving the vinegar in the pool prevent mold, mildew, and bugs. Not all my animals care for the vinegar taste, so I do not risk them getting dehydrated. However, if the animal drinks the vinegar and water mix that also prevents fleas and mosquitoes on the animals. 

The pool is great all year. Sir. Duke does not swim as often in the winter, unless we have a warm one. Yet, he enjoys having the pool all year. 

The benefits is keeping all the animals inside and out hydrated all year at a low cost. As you can see in the video, caring for the pool from start to finish takes only a matter of minutes. 

Surprising enough the water stays cool in the pool despite the triple digits this summer. 

Do you have a pool? How does your animals cool off from the heat? Leave a comment. Let me know would you buy a bigger pool for Sir. Duke and what kind.

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    Video created by Eve Hoffman


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