Thursday, August 18, 2016

Domesticated Cat Brutally Attacks Seven Pits

Picture found on Fox New 61
Cats can have wild and deadly moment as well
Cats can have wild and deadly moment as well!

A Domesticated Cat Brutally Attacks Seven Pits and One Women Sending Them To Medical Treatments. Wow, cats can do some damage, even lethal. According to Fox News 61 report, the cat was being protective of the elderly women when one of the dogs made a friendly move towards the women. The cat injured all the dogs. One of the dogs had to go to the vet due to the scratches. Also, the cat injured the dog's pet parent, while she tried to stop the cat, sending her into the ER. 

All dogs, including the bully breed have different personalities. Lucky for the domesticated cat and elderly women these seven pits did not attack and kill the cat. At lease, the elderly lady agree to pay for one of the vet visits for the dog. This is one crazy cat that may need to stay inside. 

Wow, for a cat to take on one dog is amazing. However to take on seven, that is one scary cat. If that cat attacked my dogs, the cat would had not survived. Sadly, I have seen them kill a raccoon for trespassing. I know if one of the cats went wild, my dogs would defend themselves. 

Cats in general and compared to a dog are not all that large. Compared to the dog, the cat is rather small. Never in my wilderness dreams would I had thought a cat would have the upper hand on one dog, more less seven. 

Not by choice, but by being kind, I have rescued about twelve cats in the past five years. Eight of them are still around, shots and fixed. I never understood why my dogs pick on some cats and not others. Also, I have wonder why the dogs seem to fear some cats and not others. Well, after witnessing what damage a cat can do, now I understand why my dogs fear the cats at times or want to get the upper hand when possible. 

I am training my dogs daily to get along with the smaller animals. Yet, now I may keep my eye on what the cat is doing. Perhaps, the cats are not so innocent after all. 

I am surprise the lady did not think of water. Even if water does not always work on dogs, water is very effective on getting rid of a cat. I know if that cat lived by me, I would have water at hand.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping find homes for dogs in need. 

Have you ever had to deal with a wild cat, feral or domesticated? If so, leave a comment tell me what happened to the cat and the cat's victim. Do you like cats or you similar to me, prefer dogs? 

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