Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Professional Groomer Kills Dog Cause of Barking

Shaggy Dog Puppies & Supplies in Shelby Township Michigan has a reputation of killing dogs

Picture found on Fox News Health
Max was a Poodle Cocker Spaniel mix. He was 7 years old
Max was a Poodle and Cocker Spaniel mix. He was 7 years old.

Service these days does not seem to have the customers care in mind. I remember a time no matter the hassle the customer was, the establishments were eager to please in the hope of profit.

Fox  News Health reports a couple brought their rescued dog, named max into Shaggy Dog Puppies & Supplies for a routine wash, clip, and cut. According to the report, the couple had gone to the Shaggy Dog Puppies & Supplies for years with Max. They told Fox News , when they had not heard from the groomer as normal they got concern and rush down to see if there was any issues.

According to the report, when the couple arrived they saw the groomer carrying a dripping, wet, soaked dog wrapped in a towel foaming at the mouth. Of course, the first natural thought was, I hope this is not my dog.

Unfortunately , the dog was Max. According to the report, the groomer had gotten tired of Max's barking and placed him into a closet. I suspect this not the first time for poor Max. Also, I suspect someone placed chemicals on Max.

The report indicated the dog may had gotten into something while in the closet. I do not use chemicals in my house all to often. I mainly clean with vinegar and lemon. Sometimes I do use a bleach, in which the dogs hate. I have never had one of my dogs get into chemicals. Dogs are very smart and know what to avoid is why I suspect someone poured some chemicals on Max.

What angers me is taking care of Max was the groomer's job. The groomer could had called Max's pet parents and had them pick him up if the barking was too much. There is no excuse to punish someone dog. Also, the groomer was not being paid to keep or train Max. The groomer should had quickly gotten Max groomed and called his pet parents. If Shaggy Dog Puppies & Supplies staff did not like Max, they simple should had told Max's pet parents not to return with him.

I groom all my long and short hair animals. I never like cutting or clipping what is natural. I only clip their nails when needed. Except Sir. Duke.

Sir, Duke stresses out to go to the vet and to be touched by strangers. He does not even like me to play I am going to cut his nails. Even his Vet said no to groomer him. The vet said why stress him out when his nails and coat looks great. So, to keep his nails trimmed, I walk him. Also, to give him a bath, I keep his pool filled, or go to the lake or river. Washing dogs with soap and chemicals is a human thing. Dogs have a natural system that keeps them clean. A simple rinse is really all that is needed.

I do not understand how someone can go out of there way for a certain kind of dog, such as the poodle, and then reshape them as they desire.

No matter the breed of the dog, the fur coat serves a purpose of keeping the dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When we shave or cut our dogs'  fur, we leave them vulnerable to possible heat strokes and hypothermia. Also, the fur coat protects the dogs' skin from being sun burned, and pest, such as mosquitoes.

We need to send a message to groomers, such as Shaggy Dog Puppies & Supplies having customers is a gift, not a right. Join me and ban all Shaggy Dog Puppies & Supplies. This is Shaggy Dog Puppies & Supplies second death. Shaggy Dog Puppies & Supplies must not be allowed to be in business. The deaths appears to be random and when Shaggy Dog Puppies & Supplies's staff become frustrated and unhappy.

For years I have always groomed my dogs' fur and nails. Typically the reason is due to money. Yet, in recent years, issues such as Max has been on the rise that have convince me that groomer my animals is only my job. Plus, when we groom our animals we bond better with them. Also, we learn more about our animals when we take the time to care for them personally.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.

Do you bring your dogs in to be professionally groomed? Do you leave you animals at the groomers or stay to observe? Leave a comment. tell me what is on your mind.

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