Friday, August 5, 2016

After a 100 Days In a Shelter Diggy Found a Forever Home, Now the City Threaten to Kill Him Cause of BSL

We need to send a message BSL is immoral!

Picture created to Tara Vital
Diggy is a happy, well balance dog that deserves to keep his forever loving home.  Say no to BSl
Diggy is a happy, well balance dog that deserves to keep his forever loving home.
Say no to BSl
Diggy is  a classic example of a bully having to suffer through a hundred days in a shelter that may not been so friendly to him cause of his breed. So, many Bullies die in shelters not cause they have done something wrong, because simply they are born of the bully breed. Some shelters kill all Bullies that appear to be Pit bull as soon as the dogs enters the shelters.

Diggy is one of the bless bullies that had a chance to find a loving forever home. His smiles with his pet parent speak more then words of happiness can express. 

The sad aspect is the city wants to place a breed specific laws to ban Bully breeds that appear to be Pitt bulls where Diggy lives. This means the city will take Diggy from his loving family without cause and kill him. 

Diggy parents have placed a petition in action to stop this law to protect Diggy and so many more such as him. 

Please join me in signing the petition for Diggy at Save Diggy, Say no to BSL here. Diggy needs about ten thousand more signatures to keep him safe and in his forever home. Signing the petition only takes a second. No one will harass you. Diggy will spend a lifetime being grateful and loving life in his forever home. 

Do you think the city should be able to take Diggy away from his pet parents after they adopted him from the shelter when a new BSL law passes. Should the grandfather rule apply and all the dogs prior to the law is protected? Do you think BSL are needed or cause more issues? Leave me a comment. Let me know if BSL is moral or immoral and why. 

Caring is sharing please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animals awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Please adopt before you shop. Countless animals die everyday in a shelter. 


  1. Say No To BSl. BSL is another form of hate.

    1. For sure. One day the world will see the value of the Bully breed, including the Pit Bull once again. Thanks for sharing.


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