Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Death occurs when Mother Nature Strikes Without Warning

Bojangles may be justified in his fears

Picture Created By Eve Hoffman
wake me when the rain passes the sun shines once again sighs Bojangles
"Wake me when the rain passes and the sun shines once again", sighs Bojangles.
Until I read the article from Yahoo News about how three hundred plus reindeer died due to lighting, I did not understand why Bojangles becomes overwhelmed with fear. 

Bojangles overwhelming fear of the thunder and lighting is reasonable. He feels the pressure of the storm hours before the rain arrives. Also, Bojangles feels the thunder and hears the lighting miles before I can hear the first crack of thunder. Bojangles had been forced outside in the past during storms. I was told he loves being outside. The sad part is, Bojangles loves being  inside most of the day, regardless if the day is sunny with birds happily chirping. He only adventures outside with me, by himself or just with the dogs, not so much. He has learned through me comforting him whenever he is scared, he has a safe place with me. On rare occasions when I am not available, Bojangles does snuggle with Sir. Duke. Yet, Bojangles's looks on his face tells me the comfort Sir. Duke provides is not the same as mine.  

Even thought the reindeer died due to huddling so close together, this could happen to anyone and any life that is stuck outside during a storm that includes lighting, specifically when there is no proper shelter available. 

No matter the bad weather, mild or harsh, my dogs stay inside. One, I do not want them getting out by accident and becoming lost. Two, no animal should face rain, thunder, winds, and lighting without proper shelter. A dog house is not proper shelter compared to the main house. 

Now that I have learn how lighting can strike at any location and kill, my dogs will never face lighting on their own as long as I am alive.

Did you know the lightening is that powerful that it could take out hundreds of lives in a instant? Do you leave your animals outside to defend themselves, or are you like me, and protect them no matter the weather is hot, cold, stormy, or pleasant. 

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