Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dog Travels 20 Miles By Water and Foot To Return The Family

Even dogs need life Vest

Picture found on Good Morning America
Even the best swimmer should have a life vest on
Even the best swimmer should have a life vest on!

Good Morning America reports a dog had gotten over board from a privet sports boat when the couple stop to fix a engine issue in lake Michigan. Of course, the family was heartbroken. The family search without success. They left Lake Michigan with their heart at the deepest and coldest part of the lake. 

According to GMA's report, the couple was recommended to leave out some food, water, toys and some items that smelled like them outside near their truck 

A day later the couple was laying outside by the truck squeaking a toy when the dog appeared (GMA). Endless hug and kisses followed the exciting reunion. 

According to GMA, the dog had swam for six miles and walk 12 miles to reach the family. Dogs are capable of picking up on all kinds of smells that can lead them home, even miles away. 

The only thing that makes me mad about this story is this women not having the dog wear a life vest. If this couple has a boat, they should know the basic water rules. I have never owned a boat and I know all the rules. Even the best of swimmers can drown and die. Matter of fact, there are great swimmers that do die each year thinking they do not need a life vest. 

I am a great swimmer, yet when I am on a boat or playing any water sports, I for sure wear a life vest. Without a life vest on a person or animal, being dunked underwater can be very deep. In the wrong moment, air can be eliminated, and shooting to the top is easier with a life vest. Seconds to the top can mean the difference between life and death.

Also, the dog is lucky another boat did not run him over. People have been decapitated due to no life vest and the boater could not see the swimmer. Just as people, dogs need a life vest on so people can see the dog when the dog is swimming. The same as hunting, a person would not go hunting without the proper vest to avoid being shot by another hunter. 

Safety and life vests are for the wise and active people that want to live another safe day for the next adventures. 

Having a life vest serve more purposes then keeping a weak swimmer safe. Oh, drives me nuts to see someone that cannot swim depend on the life vest. Sorry, but the life vest is a safety feature, not a miracle. 

At least Lake Michigan has water to play in. Let's hope this couple has learned a lesson and provides a proper life vest for the dog the next time they go out and play on the lake. Yes, they make life vest for dogs along with hiking and hunting vest. You name the activity, there are safety tools, even for the dog. 

Another great happy ending. Did you know that safety is also a issue for dogs on a lake? 

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