Friday, August 12, 2016

My Heart Breaks For This Captured Bully

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Rosie and her babies Hope for Paws
Rosie and her babies. Hope for Paws.

My Heart Breaks For This Captured Bully, I Can Imagine The Fear Of Loosing Her Babies Was Intense. Hope for Paws is a wonderful advocate for the Bully Breed. Rosie is a blessed young Bully to have two rescue organizations wanting to help her and the puppies. 

My heart breaks to see the stress in Rosie when she is trapped. You can see her trying to cope with being trap without her babies. Rosie is hungry, yet food is not her focus. 

Thankfully for Rosie the guy that rescued her was loving and observant she just had puppies. Helping comes in creative ways. Rosie is stubborn. She does not lead the guy to rescue her puppies non her own. Amazingly, the puppies crying on this guy's cell phone lures them to Rosie's puppies. Without Rosie help, finding the puppies might had been the same as finding a needle in a hay stack. 

Remarkably, Rosie's five babies look healthy and beautiful. Rosie has manage well being homeless. Rosie is a loving, caring dog and mom. 

If you see a abandon dog or stray that just had puppies and you want to rescue them, please approach with care. Mother's, no matter the species, can be very protective when they have babies. 

If you are interested in Rosie or her puppies, please contact 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping to find forever homes for dogs in need. 

Have you had to rescue a mother dog and her puppies? Leave a comment. Let me know what on your mind. Would you take the time to help so many dogs at once? 

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