Monday, August 15, 2016

One Person Rescued 960 Dogs From Being Boiled Alive And Eaten

 They need help to "Rescue of 300 Dogs From Dog Meat Farm:"

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Puppy being skinned alive to be sold as food on the market
Puppy being skinned alive to be sold as food on the market!

One amazing and caring women decided to save as many dogs as she could after she retired. In her country, Korea, dog soup is very popular. Typically, the dogs are skinned alive then boiled. 

Even though eating dog meat is illegal in Korea, dogs are still torture and sold as meat, specially during dog soup season.

Wow, the sounds of the desperate dogs is heartbreaking. The dogs may not know the detail of their upcoming fate, yet the dogs cries indicate they are aware the situation is not good. 

Wow, hundred of dogs in each cage. Heartbreaking to see the dogs having to live in their own filth. This farm only cares about making money, not being humane. I can imagine the urine smell must had been overwhelming. Dogs have a better sense of smell then us humans. So, if the smell bothered the people walking through, imagine the dogs having to live in the feces and urine every day.  

Despite the cruel treatment, all the puppies and dogs crave love, care, and attention as the people walk through to inspect the dogs. I sure hope these dogs get help and find loving homes in time.

The dogs and puppies beg for their lives through kisses. They plead to the people through barks, whines, and whippers when the people walk bay the dogs. Heart Breaking seeing little puppies that have not open their eyes living in such inhumane conditions and sold as food. 

There is a mother with babies that desperately ask for her freedom and to be rescued.  Her babies have known only a unnatural life of imprisonment.. None of the dogs have felt grass between their toes since they have been alive. Also, the puppies have never had a kind touch. Yet, the puppies are naturally inclined to reach out for love and a tender touch. 

Amazingly this brave women has made a difference in several dogs lives. One day her efforts will show the impact on farms that abuse and kill dogs for profit in Korea, along with the rest of the world. One generation will come that eating domesticated animals is a thing of the past.

Sharing is caring. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. Positive change occurs with one baby step. 

Would you risk your life, such as this women in the video to shut down a dog farm? Leave a comment, let me know what is on your mind. Everyone can help in their own way. Let me know how you have helped a animal in need. 

Video Credited to Tuck Wah Siew, found on YouTube

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