Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pet Stores Sells Dying Bully To a Young Girl for Christmas That Dies By the New Year

Puppy-mills are heartbreaking!

Picture found on The New York Post 
Bully bought as a Christmas gift from Citipups on Christopher street in the Village in Manhattan only to be heartbroken in the new year
Bully bought as a Christmas gift from Citipups on Christopher street in the Village in Manhattan only to be heartbroken in the new year!

The New York post reports a women purchases a French Bull dog for her young daughter for Christmas from a pet shop in Manhattan called Citipups in the village for $4,500. She is suing Citipups for $10,000 for the lost of the dog and medical treatment. The lady was promised the normal routine, such as the vaccinations, and microchips. Within a a few days of having the new furry love one, the puppy become severely sick. The family named the sick puppy Pearl. The sad aspect is Pearl only had love for a few days with care and attention.

I agree with the lady that bought the puppy, even after a few days, our animals becomes family. For me, the minute I adopt or rescue, the animals become family. Remember, buying animals from a pet shop or a animal-mill is not rescuing them, only supporting more animals to suffer inhumanely . 

There are too many puppies and dog in need of homes to purchase from a puppy-mill or pet shop. When we buy a pet from a pet store, most likely the animals are from a mill. The false promises of care and proper vaccination is a common practice among puppy-mills. Animal-mills are cruel and inhumane. We should never support a pet store that has animals from animal-mills. I personally walkout without spending time or money in a place that has animals for sale.  

To bad another life had to suffer due to a puppy-mill. Hopefully, this family learned a lesson and will consider adoption in the future or at least from a respectable and loving breeder. 

The really sad aspect is if this women took the time, she most likely would had found a sweet French Bull puppy in need. There are many reason full blooded puppies need homes throughout the USA. For example, the puppies could become homeless due to loss of  a pet parent. Sometimes breeders will drop off French Bull puppies and full blooded breeds to a shelter if the puppies do not meet the breeder's standards. Also, sometimes people will purchase a puppy and realize the responsibility is to much and will find a home for the puppy within days. There are countless reason why we should always look around the shelters and privet sectors for the dogs and puppies we wish to love. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping dogs in need. 

Have you bought a pet from a pet store or are you like me, and rather give a stray a home? If you bought from a pet store, how did that work out? Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. 

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