Monday, August 1, 2016

Pokemon to the rescue

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No one should have a dog, unless they are prepare to live with , care, and love a dog!
No one should have a dog, unless they are prepare to live with , care, and love a dog!

Not really sure how Detroit is utilizing the Pokemon Go to help rescue animals. I do know that this poor puppy suffers due to hearsay and the law.

Regardless, how much evidence shows this poor pup is starving and left abandon on a chain without help. The law requires certain step to insure the owners rights are not violated. The sad part is the law treats the dog as property, giving the owner more rights then he or she deserves in this case.

In a ideal world, when a life is in danger, the authorities would be able to remove and rescue. The owner should have to come and prove he or she deserves to have the animal along with paying fines. Perhaps, also a class on proper pet parenting as well should be included whenever someone is caught abusing or neglecting an animal.

My heart breaks, this Bully puppy is in need of love, care, and attention. Whenever the lady approaches the puppy, he becomes extremely excited. Very clear and obvious this puppy has not eaten in days. I hope this camera crew and rescue service comes back with some food, while they figure out how to rescue this pup.

This puppy is clearly in need. There is no proper shelter. The puppy is exposed to the sun, in which can cause death. The puppy has some water, yet for how long? The current conditions warrant for a rescue.

What I do not understand is the people in the neighborhood said they have not seen the owner in a few days. Yet, the authorities cannot take the dog. I do not understand why they cannot  put a short notice on the door, return late that day, and get the puppy. I would think no one around for a few days would be consider abandonment. I wonder how many days have to go by so a person can take action and help this puppy.

I do know one thing, this puppy is needlessly suffering.The law is preventing love and kindness to a animal in desperate need. I hope this puppy gets what he needs when he needs it.

No life should never spend anytime on a chain. There are too many alternatives. I have lived in small apartments, a 17 ft. travel tailor, and a house with no fence. No matter where I have lived, I have work with my dogs. The dogs are great and will work with me as well. Dog are pack animals. They rather please then be locked on a chain and isolated. Life is amazing when we are kind to our animals, opportunity and ability come together perfectly.

If you saw a animal in need and clearly needed help, would you rescue the animal or wait for the law? Leave a comment let me know what is on your mind. Do you think a animal's life is above the law and should be rescue if needed. Do you think animals have certain natural rights?

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while finding homes for dogs in need.

Video Credited to World Animal Awareness Society, found on YouTube

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