Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sammy Skin is healed by Fresh and Raw Food.

For The First Summer in Years Sammy Skin Healthy!

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Three months ago before I gave raw meat to the dogs.
Three months ago before I gave raw meat to the dogs.

For years I have struggled with Sammy's hot spots. Her skin three months ago was bloody, raw, and bald. The hot spots appeared to be worse when the summer months are hot. No matter the treatment, no success. 

Also, no matter how expensive of natural or holistic foods I would buy for Sammy, her skin would not clear. I have been giving fresh food along with the dry dog food to Sammy for years. Then through research, I learned, no dry food, no matter how natural or holistic does not offer all the needed nourishment. Also, I learned, dogs have suffer from health issues, such as Sammy, due to the processed foods. Furthermore, dogs are not designed to digest process foods is why so many have allergies and health issues today. 

As I study fresh raw food, I leaned simply feeding fresh raw food can prevent heart worms, parasite, and pest, such as fleas. When the dog has enough proper food, the dog's immune system naturally fights off diseases, parasites, and pest. 

So, due to Bojangles's heart worm treatment and Sammy's skin issue, I decided to give them fresh cooked food only. Her skin started to clear up nicely. Yet, she still had some minor spots that appear to grow. 

So, as I research and learned what diet was best for the dogs. I learned raw foods solved most health issues. Also, raw foods was what dogs naturally eat in the wild. So, about three months ago, I started to give the dogs raw chicken meat with bones, along with fresh cooked brown rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, oatmeal, and chicken liver. The raw bone is safe and provides lots of vitamins and minerals that Sammy and Bojangles needed that is not in any can or dry commercial, holistic, and natural dog food. 

The dogs love the raw meat portion of their meals. There has been several benefits, such as less waste to pick up, fresh breaths, clean teeth, healthy skin and coats. Also, the dogs seem more satisfied. The dogs do not require as much food. I have had to cut back Sir. Duke's daily amount to maintain his healthy weight.

Healing has taken time with Sammy. She still has a few minor spot that need more time to heal. Fresh and raw food builds a dog's health and can repair overtime. I bet Sammy skin will be cleared within a few more months. 

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Do you have a dog that suffer from skin allergies? What do you feed them? Do you have a dog or puppy with health issues? Would you consider feeding you animals real food over the processed foods our society calls dog food? Leave a comment. Let us know, would you feed your animals raw food.    

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